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A Certain Battle

New Vision For  Britain,  Europe, and Society Worldwide.

With  A New  Agreed COMMON CULTURE   No  More Multi Culture or Multi Race  but For The  ONE HUMAN RACE and the  Worldwide COMMON  CULTURE OF:

Common Sense & Consideration.

Tolerance & Freedom.

Rights With Responsibility.

a) Begin an Internet Polity Polling/Referendum via Government for British BORN Passport holders only (British Born of whatever underlying nationality)  Together with new basic Politics/Economics Exam taken on line and for each issue an unbiased “for and against” video clip provided on the issue so that people vote with knowledge. This is essential following the undemocratic actions of Lords/MPs since 23.06.16. b) Instigate a court case with regard to the sale of the Qur’an and Bible. There  must now be legal  warnings/information  of their  inconsistency and therefore neither can be taken literally. This should then lead to banning of Sharia law in the UK and worldwide eventually and  over time end the division by belief in nations and  religious terrorism. The Qur’an is protected by Human Rights, i.e. that we are  allowed to follow our faith, yet the Qur’an itself  breaches Human Rights and also the UK/EU laws as it DIRECTLY  incites to kill and is DIRECTLY anti Christian and anti  Jewish.  c) Instigate a Media discussion about “faith” and power of belief of Muslims, Jews, Christians to assist the above.d) Make ALL strikes illegal and improve ACAS. Doctors willingly compromised our life and health by strikes nurses now threaten strikes.e)  Begin to work towards the ideal of a basic benefit  for all by making it compulsory that those on Jobseekers (and under 21’s in particular) MUST work at a variety of low pay jobs but keep their benefits. i.e. farm work, factory work (as I am horrified to hear that foreign workers are used for factory work  also), care work etc. They will be taxed as usual once they pass their  personal allowance, but still keep their benefits.f) All new homes and apprenticeships will only be available to British BORN passport holders. What is the point of investing the tax  payers money in these things if  we just swell the immigrant take up of the same and which then encourages them to settle here. g) Issue a Police statement supported by law and reiterated over the Media  as to how UK citizens should respond to a Police request and if one does not adhere to this then by law that person will be stepping out of Police protection as they  will be perceived a threat to the Police and the Public. This is to abolish “claims” for “justice” and “rights” and potential riots by those not adhering to common sense values and wanting some sort of  “right” for  “justice” even when carrying a gun.h) Temporarily Stop all Foreign AID  before or after  Brexit, except for  direct Clean Water Assistance  and  Health and Contraceptive Assistance.  We have massive demand in the UK and much of AID is wasted by corruption. Investigate and/or donate funds to www.givedirectly.org  and  to establish donations to other nations along these lines or establish our own Central Fund.i) Temporarily suspend Asylum Laws which are abused and unsustainable as it seems that every warring nation, or just being a poor nation can now have access to  Europe and the UK.  Instead state clearly to other EU nations and to the Public that the EU is KNOWN to keep the 3rd world in poverty, and therefore creating this great immigration flow. We must instead  train and set up teams of economists and those  politically trained to go to  those nations who are willing to accept these teams to help  establish  Democracy and its systems, only THEN will AID be offered, when a “team” is sent in.j) Temporarily suspend Human Rights claims which are also abused and supported by the left wing style politics to the detriment of the majority.  Instead investigate a new Common Culture that must be accepted in Western nations and those who wish to immigrate here.  Common Sense and Consideration,  Tolerance & Freedom, Rights with Responsibility.  The problem is the immoral and arrogant minority  claim  “rights” and overturn the rights of the law abiding majority. I have experience of this. k)  Investigate  to see if the UK has  legal case against the EU TO BEGIN ASAP showing  that  Britain IS overburdened en masse and that because of this we have a right by law to stop immigration with immediate effect  or come out of the EU without Penalty, as other nations may also have similar problems. It does imply  in the EU rules I believe: These rights include important personal freedoms: to study; to work; to live ;to retire, anywhere in the EU, provided you are not a burden on the country you live in.  In addition there are benefits and protections that give practical effect to the freedoms we enjoy including: pension protections;health care arrangements;non-discrimination at work & about property ownership where you live; voting rights in local elections in your country of residence.These rights and protections apply to all UK Citizens and millions of UK Citizens take advantage of these rights every year .(https://www.crowdjustice.org/case/parliament-should-decide). L) Suspend  automatic British passports after 5 years residence  and there should be voting rights ONLY  to UK British BORN Passport holders and NOT for dual or EU Passport Holders who will ALWAYS  be biased to their own nation or have conflicting loyalties.  Dual passport holders  also have an  advantage over a single UK Passport holder having another country to  access freely as well as the UK .Their  loyalties, decisions, votes  will be  for  their  nation of origin which may be against UK  interests.  For instance Muslim objections to UK foreign policy, and EU citizens desire to stay in the UK and claim benefits for children “back home”, they will  obviously  have a biased view for any new UK laws on these mattersm)Encourage the current Government to engage with Russia alongside USA/UK/EU and others to oppose/resolve ALL wars and resolve Syria. Russia is not perfect but neither is the US/UK/EU. It is time to end the “stand off”. In 2015 Russia offered a coalition of nations  similar to WW2 with regard to Syria, why did we not  facilitate this?  With the rise of China, Turkey, Islam and North Korea we ALL need to have a dialogue for a NEW relationship  of co operation, with all due care to Russias hidden aims. n) In the same way, bring to an end to the Left /Right Politics which produces foolish  damaging policies just for the sake of being different.   o) Revision of Workplace Pension which is damaging to small businesses p)  Revision of  Gay/Gender teaching in schools which is also very damaging. It is a minority group  demand  seeking to affect the majority  “normal” lifestyle. q) Challenge the  idea that a person is “poor” and needs support when they are overweight, purposely bear children when they have no job, smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol and have 2 or 3 dogs. This is not poverty but “rights” without responsibility  and self discipline.  We MUST stop the creation of this underclass of uneducated  citizens who feel it is their “right” that the working public  becomes their “parent” to support and house them. We must  teach the children when still  at school that their best plan to escape poverty is not to  have children before 25 years old, and NOT if they have no job, home or regular partner. Perhaps to even offer a small lump sum to those  children born in benefit  in exchange for being sterilised, a higher sum if no children,   lower sum if one child already, and if they reach 25 without a child then a larger  lump sum will perhaps be offered. If they have sterilisation  reversed that will not be eligible for benefits at all throughout life.r) Some of British society  has  become lazy and complacent, this is why business owners do not take on the British workers.This part of society  have a Union mindset of strikes, “rights”, and  Claimants doing as little as possible. We “can be too kind” and there is a saying “you have to be cruel to be kind” sometimes.   S)I am 61 now and I have only just noticed the Media bias towards a  politically correct agenda which is called liberal ideology I believe. For me this  has been a lifetime of mind control. I just woke up, too late.                      

45 Manifesto Suggestions For  Britain  and the World
Including Terrorism & The  Palestinian/Israeli Issue. 

Following Failure of Globalisation and EU Ideals,
Ideas can be transferred to other nations and adjusted as appropriate.

 1)     Establish Polity Politics (Aristotle said: Democracy is a corrupted form of Polity; Polity being rule of the many by the many) by creating a secure internet voting system for regular referendum type votes and other voting on major issues in society following all voters watching 15 minute video giving pros and cons of an  issue. Voters must   ALSO take and pass a new Politics & Economics (Polity) exam and then be registered for Polity Polling by Passport number. No voting for those without  UK passport, be it for Elections, Referendums or Polity Polling and possibly  not those with dual Passports due to  advantage they  have over single Passport Holders. The different motivations/goals/loyalties they will inevitably have will be detrimental to single Passport Holders. See Point 15. I have recently received an opinion request email from the Conservatives with regard to a Brexit “outline” and this same system could be utilised / improved, together with the Petition system already in use. Initially the votes could be  voluntary and as a guide to Government and then by official registering by Passport ID or similar, following completion of the Polity  Exam and perhaps some age restrictions a first, plus compulsory  viewing of  a video on the  Pro and Cons of an issue before voting.

2)     Establish basic Political and Economic (Polity) Exam for all 16-18  year old before leaving school and which in passing will allow them to vote in Polity Polling by  internet and other voting together with any other adult passing it. Only those born in the UK with  can vote, or with UK Passports. Adults must take and pass exam also before Polity  voting  is allowed and later for all voting perhaps. For we still have some that vote the same way their parents vote for instance. It will be a simple course which will include the dangers of Left/Right Politics and of Union powers and the demands that strikers make of the Government. That these demands are  really  a demand to  the Taxpayer who  has limited funds. All people should know, particularly the poor and those on benefit, that  the Taxpayer  funds are not a bottomless pit  of money that the “poor”, or  even the disabled,  always have a comprehensive  “right” of demand. Even the “rich” do not seem to appreciate this, for instance Lord Dubbs, Nick Clegg and others that wish the UK to take unlimited refugees and immigrants despite the near collapse of our services.  In the Polity  exam it should be explained that the rich actually create our jobs and are often the people with integrity who later assist in social development. It should be explained  that the Government is not the “enemy” (in the UK anyway) and they have to budget the Taxpayers money sensibly or their will be nothing. We will be like Greece whose citizens  retired at 50,  and gave 50 salaries for one job etc.  Or like Spain where once working for the Government it is a job for life, they  work half a day and take another job elsewhere and  do very little while at work. 

3)     No more Tory/Labour  Left/Right Party Politics and this “adversarial  politics" that aggressively bully and cruelly gripe at each other, demeaning each other, setting a bad example to society  and then when in power undoing the work of the previous Government. Or, as with Labour who almost always empty the treasury, and then the Tories come in to  budget properly and restore a degree of order but then run out of ideas after a while. So Labour comes in again to Govern and so the circle goes on. I also now see a young excited younger generation wanting to support Mr Corbyn’s Labour  ideals of the 70’s and they will unwittingly take us back to old tried tested and failed policies.  Therefore  I advocate a one party system as follows.

4)     Many are calling for a new type of politics and I agree. I ask that UKIP and/or the Conservatives to publicly advocate a   gradual move  to a One Party Polity Polling  system. Parliament to be filled with an increasing number of Independent MPs from ALL parties,  or of no party allegiance, and that UKIP  puts  forward their party for the beginning of this concept in anticipation that it will be more successful than democracy and  copied worldwide. Democracy even in the USA I have read, is  crippled  by minority groups. As with the SNP who seeks benefit only for the Scottish, yet interfering in English Laws,  and  advocates nationalism but does not want the  rest of the UK to seek its own way despite the Referendum majority vote of the Nation.  Also to advocate that every nation  have such a party. For instance, for Donald Trump to establish a new USA IP (USA Independent Party). Alternatively, for a nation to use a suitable current party, as with UKIP. Ideally any party following this concept should have the words “Independent Party” in it. The concept is that MP’s Labour, or MP’s Tory or any other party, begin standing in the next election as Labour Independents, Tory  Independents but  named  “UKIP Tory”, “UKIP Labour”  (or eventually Conservative UKIP, or Conservative IP)  And if an individual wants to stand just as  UKIP Independent with no affiliation to any other Party ideology then this is acceptable also.  They just set up their own website with their own policies/manifesto,  and/or stating their agreement of parts of other Party Independent   declared policies/manifestos. UKIP MP’s can just be UKIP and  can  have their own website stating their suggested own policies and they can be a UKIP MP.  UKIP can declare policies  for the coming  Government period taking some of those declared policies  by others if need be. This way a party and Government do not have to a create policies just for the sake of being in “opposition” and which are often not sensible, and the MP’s know it yet have to support them. Most of the Labour policies are not sensible  which is why they nearly bankrupt UK each time they are  power. They promise public spending which is unsustainable just to gain the “poor” vote.  I understand that the Tax Credit system was introduced in order to win an election and it is the largest benefit paid out and not helpful to our economy and draws immigrants again to the UK I understand.  When an election is over,  then all MP’s  elect a leader within the first week or two, from all those elected, and then that leader chooses his cabinet from ALL the elected MP’s whatever their political leaning as he sees fit.  This way he has the pool of all talent and abilities of the  MPs elected. The Government can still be challenged or “held to account” by individual MP’s or groups of them as they see fit, but they  do not have to  “toe the  party line” against their better judgement. We accomplish a common sense strategy for every situation the UK faces perhaps. We can gradually ease into this system by setting up the internet voting system and Polity exam and encouraging more MPs to stand as Independents, and joining UKIP for it is to be the main party for the UK, but declaring their party leaning as described above. Gradually we will see if it works or not, and UKIP will gain Labour and Social Democrat  MP’s that have little political future at present and it may draw in other successful MP’s.  

5)     We then gradually  have more referendums and Internet polling of public issues  as does Switzerland I believe, and the Public are no longer at the mercy of MP’s that seem to feel it is ok to ignore democracy (as with the recent Article 50 vote) when it suits them and  follow their own agenda despite a majority Referendum of the population. And that  rich, non British born individuals, or those not living in Britain (as with Gina Miller and the Peoples Challenge Group) can instigate a legal challenge that also sought only to overthrow a majority referendum vote, because they know judges also are sympathetic to their cause and that  that a “point of law” can be utilised this way.  I believe Oliver Cromwell dethroned  and beheaded the King and left the MPs to rule and then eventually had to sack all the MPs as they were unable to rule with integrity. I think we reached such a state in the vote to trigger Article 50 in 2017. It seems the majority of MPs and rich foreign individuals  felt they can override and interfere with the peoples majority vote with impunity implying we “meant something else” when we voted, or did not know what we were doing. This interference could still delay and overturn the desire of the majority to come out of the EU and free movement of people. Yet Remainers do not tell us what we will do in 30 years time when we are so overpopulated with EU and other citizens until there is nothing left of the British, or of their preferences or culture, for we will be outvoted on every turn according to the needs of the EU and it’s citizens,  that may only have resided in the UK a few years. It’s obvious they will vote for what is best for them and their nation, even though in living in Britain.  Only those registered by phone or passport number to a secure Government site  can vote  and ONLY if they have passed the Polity Exam and watched the 15 min video clip of the pro and cons of any issue in question. It can be an “advisory” vote at first until the system is set up fully. There could be age or education level restrictions on some  issues.  It is true the population majority need to be educated in  basic Politics and Economics as a matter of course, even as we must take Maths and English School.  It should eventually become compulsory to vote and that all citizens take an interest in the Politics of the land by passing the exam if they wish to vote.

6)      ALL strikes to be made illegal and a new improved ACAS system set up. If a dispute occurs then representatives from Government or employer meet, plus reps from Union and  staff,  plus an economist and accountant for the employer, particularly  if a public sector issue. Plus 6 to 12 persons from the public, appointed along the same lines as the jury system and where outside discussion is not allowed until presentation/discussion and voting for or against the issue is made.  The decision is final. If workers go on strike following this they may be lose their job  at some point if the employer decides this without penalty or legal redress by the employee.

7)     I experienced with a friend an appalling Small Claims Court Case. The Judges seem to be untouchable at present not even upholding the law and this needs to change by  new Laws.  Some Judges ARE NOT reliable and  do not uphold basic law and just do their own thing as the whim takes them. We often hear that a court case will all depend on how the Judge “feelsthat day. We are instructed by information sheets to be VERY polite and respectful  with the Judge lest they  get angry and we are in Contempt. Then we find the Judge himself ignores Contempt of Court and allows unsigned, unnamed, undated  witness statements to overturn a Court judgement.  We discovered afterwards that was  illegal and the Judgement not according to the law for this case.  The  unsigned witness statement was contradicted in Court anyway. Due to this scenario  the   Judge  then caused the cancellation of a 3rd Party Debt  order hearing against the Claimant, allowed the Claimant to instigate another Court Hearing  for the case which he again did not attend,  for the second time, so  a second  third party debt hearing was set up by the defendant. In total there were FIVE court hearings for £1000.00 claim. This could have only  been 3 Hearings if the Judge had upheld the Law,  or  it could even have been zero hearings if the Court System had checked to see if the Witness Statement had been named,  signed  and dated and the case  thrown  out at that stage or at least returned to the Claimant to have a properly named, dated and signed Witness Statement.   We could not believe that this was the British Justice system in action. We went through the JCIO (Judicial Conduct  Investigations Office) and all the 3 levels of the Court Complaints process.  We waited 4 months for even an acknowledgment of the 1st  Complaint stage. Then a letter was sent to us at  the wrong address, and then the reply was nonsense, saying the witness  statement had been signed, when it  not been signed. Numerous spelling mistakes in the letter, this from the Justice system. It is no good employing people of whatever nationality if they cannot spell basic English. The 2nd and 3rd level of Complaint we received NO reply AT ALL. I expected more of the Justice system and was appalled, I will never enter a Court again if I can help it, for there is NO justice there.  I and the Defendant were APPALLED by the Court System and of  the Police to whom we were told to report the matter, which we did,  and who  then referred us back to the Court. Then with the JCIO  it seems they only deal with “personal misconduct” of Judges (getting drunk etc) and not “Not fulfilling judicial duties” (although their website implies they deal with this category also) such as not upholding the law as in this case and for which we had evidence including Court Transcripts. Showing that the Judge IGNORED  Contempt of  Court.  We did write to the Attorney General and others with little result though replies were received at least. In Small Claims cases there must be redress against incompetent or corrupt  Judges so that they may lose their position or be found out without going to the cost and stress of an appeal court which is impractical in Small Claims cases.  At present they can do what they like and no-one is any the wiser.  The Procedure for Starting a Claim should ALWAYS have a correctly signed witness statement when provided, otherwise there is no “Truth” to be upheld and its just “potluck” who is deemed to be the injured party, or who is telling the truth.  Therefore by Law 1) Witness statements should  always be checked on receipt by the Court Administration that they are  dated, and signed by a person, and not just  a printed company name as in our case, otherwise no one is accountable. Witness statements it should also provide  the name and address of the witness. If this is not done in full, then a standard letter should be written  to the Claimant or Defendant saying that it cannot be processed until a properly completed witness statement is provided and additional admin fee  must of sent,  £50 for instance. 2) The JCIO should also  have responsibility to look into Small Claims complaints against Judges where the Court Transcripts and other evidence has been provided obviously showing a misuse of their position  or incompetence in upholding the law.   At present Judges can  manipulate public ignorance and lack of funds of Small Claims clients. Judges, if the law is changed, if they   know they could be  challenged in this way by use of Court Transcripts,  and that they could lose their position, it may  make them less prone to  judging  cases according to a “whim” of emotion or dislike of someone rather judging according to the evidence. It is a well known fact, or joke in the legal fraternity that a judgement depends on “how the Judge feels that day”. I have found there is truth to that. We should perhaps have a “commoner” brought in to witness every court case that does not have a Jury  so that they do not participate in the case  but afterwards they anonymously  tick a sheet after every case as to whether they feel the case has been fair or not. Frequent “ticks” against a Judges unfairness should indicate investigation or removal from being a judge. The “commoner” could be rotated to different courts and Judges.   This could be offered to certain Jobseekers,  and  some physically disabled but they keep their benefits  but this is their work while on Benefit. They would be given a set travel allowance of £10 a week or similar. Sandwiches or flask can be brought in for breaks. We need to begin the new Basic Income for all that some are suggesting this way perhaps, i.e. certain jobs will be allowed while still keeping their benefits, be it long term or short term. They can choose to stay on it or find a job at some point.


8)     Trigger a dialogue over the Media with religious and other experts about what  a valid “message of God” might be (Please see www.TheOneTrueMessageOfGod.co.uk)  as defined by the Bible and Qur’an, and by those with FULL knowledge of both books. See also, www.ACertainMyth.com, www.ACertainBattle.com and www.BaselineFactsAboutGod.co.ukAll of which are drafts for a permanent better presented  one website(s) perhaps. 

9)     Following the above suggestion  and the dangerous divisive affect faith schools will OBVIOUSLY  bring to society, we must  train and employ a new team of Teachers/Counsellors to teach in EVERY  school the Baseline facts about “God” We  can also  deal with the need for simple Counselling for ALL children from 7 onwards so that they have the “tools” needed to outwit terrorist groups/teachings by simple unbiased religious  knowledge on the Bible & Qur’an and also to assist their good mental/emotional health  (Please see www.BaseLineFactsAboutGod.co.uk)

10)  These (possibly   Secular minded) Religious Teachers/Counsellors will  also offer Counselling on various aspects of “life” annually or bi annually.  They  could be volunteers at first and over 50. Perhaps only female to protect the  children, and  so as to offer a mature experienced outlook on life and to be approachable by boys and girls.  Initially  the  training and jobs would be available to  those on Benefit but they can retain their benefits and  work  full  or part time in this position following training, with local  travel expenses paid. It may lead to paid position eventually. Their task is to counsel children from 7 years up wards bi annually or as requested by a child, or teacher,  on beliefs, talents, abuse, bullying,   AND  to provide basic truths in an hourly lesson format in every class, every week, about the errors in both the Bible and Qur’an. In conjunction with this we would  address the fact that much (not all, as some issues are clinical i.e. chemical/hormone imbalance etc) of “mental health” is really emotional and mental discord due to trouble at home, or  no friends or anyone to just “talk”  to while we come to terms with the reality of life, or have a particular problem.  We should ALL have counselling from 7 onwards in life  annually or bi annually initially, so that counselling is accepted as the NORM. Children and adults alike must realise that it  NORMAL to have difficulties at times in life and that we are all  just coming to terms with life as we have experienced it thus far. (Please see A Certain Coincidence oR iS iT gOD on  www.ACertainBattle.com under heading The Certain Series)

11)  In order TO PERMANENTLY deal with the Religious Terrorism, (please consider carefully on what I write), we MUST deal with the most significant key issues of KNOWLEDGE of Christian and Muslim Teachings, and to  convey clearly the errors  in the UK and worldwide is as  follows  1) The Qur’an (Surah 4:136)  refers believers to read the scriptures from  aforetime (which is the Bible), so Muslims are being instructed to read the Bible. In Surah 4 151-152  it instructs  believers to honour and believe ALL the Prophets which by default means  all those in the Bible. All believer’s should therefore know IT IS WRITTEN in these supposed “Holy Books” that we must read BOTH the Qur’an AND the Bible. Currently most Muslims ONLY read the Qur’an, and sometimes change what is in it,  which going against what the Qur’an instructs us to do. The Qur’an does not say  the Bible should NOT be read. Their leaders may say this but they are just men voicing their opinion and mislead followers. The Qur’an was supposedly  spoken while under the “inspiration” or power of God. 2) The Hadiths are words spoken by the Prophet of the Qur’an while he was NOT under the “inspiration of God”  as he supposedly was when the Qur’an was spoken, therefore they should not carry the same “weight” of authority that the Qur’an does.  The Hadiths were handed down verbally by men and recorded, some were destroyed, as was some  of the Qur’an. There are about 6 versions of the Hadiths and the Sharia law comes from these, Sharia Law is both cruel and inconsistent as we have seen with ISIS and we see in current  Muslim nations. Some Muslims already know the Hadiths  are unreliable and do not follow them. These facts should be acknowledged and made more well known. 3)  The Qur’an (and its teachers)  agree that we should OBEY  Jesus  and that Jesus was miraculously conceived in Mary (Surah 3: 47-51  She said: My Lord! How can I have a child when no mortal hath touched me? He said: So (it will be). Allah createth what He will. if He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only: Be! and it is.48. And He will teach him the Scripture and wisdom, and the Torah and the Gospel.49. And will make him a messenger unto the children of Israel, (saying): Lo! I come unto you with a sign from your Lord. Lo! I fashion for you out of clay the likeness of a bird, and I breathe into it and it is a bird, by Allah's leave. I heal him who was born blind, and the leper, and I raise the dead, by Allah's leave. And I announce unto you what ye eat and what ye store up in your houses. Lo! herein verily is a portent for you, if ye are believers.50. And (I come) confirming that which was before me of the Torah, and to make lawful some of that which was forbidden unto you. I come unto you with a sign from your Lord, so keep your duty to Allah and obey me). As this is the case, by default, the Qur’an is also agreeing that Jesus is the Son of God, for medical knowledge tells us that an  embryo MUST have 23 Chromosomes from a man and 23 from the woman, and therefore having characteristics from both parents, for it seems by the “storyline” of BOTH books,  God by miraculous power,  provided the 23 Chromosomes usually provided by a male. The Qur’an agrees that it is by God’s spoken “word” and the “power” that followed the words of the Angel Gabriel that Mary would have a son. The Qur’an agrees that   God can say “be” and “it is” and  that this is how conception occurred. So the Qur’an and its teachers, if they thought about it, are agreeing that the  23 Chromosome’s normally provided by a man, were miraculously provided by God, thus   makes Jesus  God’s son, as the Bible also says.  WE MUST PROMOTE THESE AND A FEW OTHER OBVIOUS DISCREPANCIES IN FAITH TEACHINGS  TO “DISABLE”  THE DESTRUCTIVE ERRORS IN THEM AND TO PROTECT THE UNEDUCATED AND EDUCATED IN SOCIETY FROM ERRORS OF THE ANCIENT PAST.  WHETHER OR NOT WE BELIEVE IN EITHER OF THESE BOOKS WE HAVE TO PUBLICLY BALANCE THE  CONSISTENCY  AND INCONSISTENCY OF THE “STORYLINE” FOR THEN WE WILL REMOVE THE TERRORISM WHICH OCCURS DUE TO LACK OF KNOWLEDGE OF THESE BOOKS, BUT TOTAL BELIEF IN THE LITTLE THEY DO  KNOW. However, to find the “True” and “full” message from God (if there is such a thing in these 2 books, Bible & Quran) and to see these errors AND those in the Bible, we ALL have to read both the Bible and Qur’an. For the  Bible also has contradiction’s in it as does the Qur’an.  4) The Bible  does NOT agree that Jesus is God as well as the Son ( John 20:17 Mary. She turned herself, and saith unto him, Rabboni; which is to say, Master. 17Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God.) Jesus could not say this if he was God as well.  5) The Bible does NOT support  God as being a “Trinity” (nor does the Qur’an) this is too complicated to explain here (go to www.ACertainMyth.com pages 157-159) Having read both books well we must have a NEW UNDERSTANDING BASED ON FULL UNBIASED KNOWLEDGE OF THESE 2 BOOKS: The full unbiased message based on knowing well these 2 books is this: God is a power and from this power comes “words” which is God’s own spirit going forth, also called the Holy Spirit. It is not a “Third” part of God.  Jesus was filled with God’s Spirit of “power” at baptism and who only spoke God’s words (which is Spirit),  which tell us how we receive “eternal life” or “Paradise”. We hear these words (which is God’s Spirit entering us) and if we believe and obey  them, then God’s Spirit of power  joins with our human spirit  by his words, to live IN us as God  lived  IN Jesus. God then resurrects us at some point as he resurrected Jesus, Jesus being the first one raised from the dead. Jesus is not God, but the Son of God, and  God’s Spirit lives IN  him as it does IN us when we believe the words Jesus said in the Gospels.  Jesus is the image of God (as in “likeness”) as are we when we believe the “words” of Jesus. God’s power is meant to be with us to heal  when we believe, as God was with Jesus to heal. This is meant to “prove” God’s presence in us and in the world. This has happened  significantly to some people in  the fairly recent  past.  This is the true “Gospel”  when one knows both the Qur’an  AND the Bible, or have read  www.ACertainMyth.com (free to download online) and/or A Certain Coincidence oR iS iT gOD (not on line  yet) . 7)  Then you will also see that love  fulfils all the (Religious) law (Galatians 5:14) and there is now no need for Jews, Christians, Muslims to fulfil ANY religious  laws such as beard length, special dress, special days of worship or diet, circumcision, no slavery, and all men and  women are equal. These laws are ALL extinct and we follow them unnecessarily through lack of knowledge or FULL reading of these 2 books. It is now “love (in us) doing no harm to its neighbour” and living with integrity (honestly and sincerely) only THEN there may be hope for us after death. Muslims only have part of the message, due to only reading the Qur’an  and that one Prophet, which the Qur’an tells us NOT to do, hence this great error of terrorism.  Jews also have  only  part of the message due to only reading the Old Testament (Torah/Tanakh) and not the Gospels. On top of this Christian teachers and Churches have corrupted the message of God (if there is one)  by the Trinity and saying Jesus is God as well as the Son and that Mary is the Mother of God,  which she is not, she is the Mother of the Son of God, who is her son also,  for she provided the other 23 Chromosomes normally provided by a woman in conception.  We have to  bring these few points  and some others to the fore worldwide and in each and every individual, particularly from school age. 8) Also to make known the FACT (according to scripture) that although both Muslims and Christians wait for some great battle or war before Christ returns, according to scripture verse this also is NOT inevitable for in Joel 2 it shows that God will repent  (turn from)  this great scene if we turn from our hateful ways. So  we do not have wait for this great battle, (which many try and hurry along, as even the Crusaders did and now the Terrorists)  but we can start putting the world in order NOW ourselves by establishing a New Enlightenment  and means of governing ourselves and  New Enlightened understanding of Scripture (for those who wish to believe in a God). If Jesus IS true then in due course he will come,  be we good or bad, but we may be allowing individuals and nations to follow CONTRADICTORY books (and we do not see this until we have read both well and have lived life a little) and UNNECESSARILY creating this great world  battle because of incorrect beliefs. This is very dangerous and needs to be  put in order. We can begin to do this  in UKIP and in  the UK and gradually others nations will follow.  Governments have to take control to a certain extent  on what people believe, for some waste their  lives and energy (as have I) following contradictory books and teachings. Other nations follow far worse, leading to death and oppression. We are allowing society to deceive itself  and cause war and unrest because of it from our beliefs.

12)  We have to deal with the fact that  “belief” plays a dangerous and powerful force in us as humans. Hence my request on www.TheOneTrueMessageOfGod.com  to have a media debate on TV with religious and other experts and a follow up website  of www.BaselineFactsAboutGod.co.uk (or an improved version) on line. We cannot now allow people to believe as “freely” as the “human rights” dictate  to  us.  These “human rights” laws are   protecting  those that believe books that lead people into incitement to murder, insurrection and anti Semitism.  It is a foolishness what we are allowing.. I KNOW what is in ALL the Qur’an and what it is to be a dedicated “believer” (as a Christian) and how entrenched we become in our minds by our beliefs and as “believers”  we become “locked in” to these words and actions that lead from these words.  The Qur’an IS a very dangerous inconsistent book  and  directly anti semetic and anti  Christian:   Surah 5: 51. O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them. Lo! Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk.  With such a verse (and there is far worse in it) how can any Jew or Christian believe a Muslim desires friendship or will attempt to integrate? Particularly if they dress strictly to Muslim guidelines and wear beards,  they more than most  will have dangerous  words and beliefs  in their heart.  The Bible is also misleading and mis-taught, as is the Qur’an.  I have wasted time, life, opportunities, money, believing what I found out too late could not be possibly be the “perfect” word of God. We can overcome this with a new dialogue/narrative of what the “truth” could be based on both books. But we need to broadcast  it worldwide via theMedia and Politicians,  and eventually the Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury. Not to say any is outrightly “wrong” but that  we have not gone deep enough into  BOTH books. Whether we are Jews, Christians or Muslims (or any other faith) we become “locked in” in our minds by what we read in these books, coupled  by fear of what God might do if we allow a challenge to our faith, or the “after life” we might lose. We have to “unlock” the minds of people early on in life where possible (forewarned is forearmed), and via the media for all other adults, directing  them to a well presented website accessible worldwide on the facts along the lines of the  website www.BaselineFactsAboutGod.co.uk  

13)  Ask a volunteer (and I will volunteer, if someone funds me for I have no funds, but I can defend it myself  but with supporting Legal behind the scenes advice on the basics of bringing the case) to bring a legal challenge to our UK Courts and/or EU Court, on this charge: That the Qur’an (NOT THE PEOPLE)when read alone breaches racist, terrorism and other common UK and EU laws and incites to kill and that a law should be passed that it should ONLY be sold and taught in conjunction with the Bible and certain verses/concepts made clear  as described above in points 8 to 11. THE BIBLE COULD ALSO have a warning indicating that  this also can be taken too literally causing its followers to give away all their money, refuse medication to the death and submit to detrimentally to bullies in all walks of life when Christ himself did not do this but verbally clearly rebuked, even verbally abused such bullies. The Court case being on the basis of anti semitic and racism (and there are many other verses) of Surah  5:51. O ye who believe! Take not the Jews and Christians for friends. They are friends one to another. He among you who taketh them for friends is (one) of them. Lo! Allah guideth not wrongdoing folk. AND  INCITEMENT TO MURDER Surah 9:111. Lo! Allah hath bought from the believers their lives and their wealth because the Garden will be theirs they shall fight in the way of Allah and shall slay and be slain. It is a promise which is binding on Him in the Torah and the Gospel and the Qur’an. Who fulfilleth His covenant better than Allah? Rejoice then in your bargain that ye have made, for that is the supreme triumph. The  Qur’an  should have a warning information first page/or info sheet  showing the above discrepancies in Point 11 and 12 and that the Qur’an  refers us to the Bible and Jesus Christ, whose teaching essentially  “disables”,  all incitement to kill in the Qur’an. PLEASE NOTE THE MUSLIMS HAVE NO 10 COMMANDMENTS TO ADHERE TO IN THE QUR’AN (i.e. thou shalt not kill etc) and they follow only one Prophet, when the Qur’an instructs them to follow ALL the  Prophets, so their teachers  ignore, intentionally or otherwise, this verse. If  we in the UK instigate a low key  respectful challenge (please see you tube https://youtu.be/nnNTHnYGKSo Westminster Terror.Turning the Tide of Faith & Terrorism see also Point 45 below) on BOTH  books (Bible and Qur’an)  over the Media, where we are free (although it is becoming more  dangerous even in the west now) we may set free  the Muslims here and in Europe,  to be free to acknowledge a NEW  understanding of these books, as well as  Christians of the Bible.  This NEW ENLIGHTENMENT could then expand  worldwide  to where it is VERY dangerous for a Muslim to challenge these issues.  Already  in some nations they are not even  allowed to query the interpretation of the Qur’an. We must stop that sort of ban here in Europe  while we can.  We think we are safe but we are not, it is a creeping sickness because of the words in the Qur’an they are reading, yet ignoring the references to read the Bible, or “scriptures foretime”.  Many Muslims do not read ALL the Qur’an (as Christians do not read ALL the Bible), but if they did, we would indeed have war and aggression throughout the world for sure, because this is what the Qur’an tells them to do. The Politicians and others  says we are not at war with Muslims, and to  welcome them into Europe and elsewhere, Donald Trump  says to “freeze”  their free movement “until we know what the hell is going on”. The above is what is “going on”. the aggressive words in the Qur’an  is what is “going on” and we need to  disable the book before it reaches the stage that ALL Muslims read ALL of this aggressive warring book and seek  for  ALL Muslims  rise up in defence of their God and faith should it be challenged. This book is currently  being supported by EU Human Rights laws, it is an “oxymoron” as they say.  Two examples being, the riots over the illustrations of the “prophet”, and the Charlie Hebdo murders.   For this  is the  ONGOING potential of the Qur’an, in addition to extreme dress code and oppression of women.  Words lie latent within a person, those that dress strictly to Muslim tradition and growing  beards, they  are taking their book and faith  VERY  seriously,  we should indeed be wary of them and what they may do next, either now, or in years to come when they feel stronger as one community. Remember the Qur’an has a verse that states it will overrule all other religions eventually. This is what all Muslim  aim and wait for, though they may not admit it even to themselves. The West is being complacent, Donald Trump is perhaps providing a window of opportunity about our relationship with Russia and also resolving the Terrorist issues and beliefs.

14)  Racist laws are  enshrined in Human Rights I assume, yet all these rights are  being abused by those entering our  nation and other free nations,  as are the Asylum laws and they both need to be changed/examined. Perhaps  suspended in the UK until Brexit has been completed. Currently Human Rights Laws are protecting  the Muslims  right to follow their “faith”, yet their Book, the Qur’an, is anti semitic, anti Christian and incites to kill and is in breach of the majority of world  societies own Human Rights (Please see Point 13 and You Tube Link  https://youtu.be/VDhUG3dOmpI Does Muslim faith equal danger?) At one time only a handful of political Asylum seekers came each year. Now it seems  they can  apply to anyone  “supposedly” fleeing from a war zone.  This mass of people is impossible to sustain and it is damaging our own society by people entering, sometimes aggressively,   with many children and  with no intent to restrict this birth rate, or to integrate, or show the gratitude one would expect if they have truly fled a war zone. Many in Calais were offered homes in France but preferred to live rough and try and get to the UK instead. That  is not a desperate people, but calculating and opportunistic. As an example:  I have recently complained,  to the management of my block about loud music and slamming doors from my neighbour for the last year.  I have received a letter from the  Management that my neighbour has felt “harassed” by my “behaviour”. What have I done?  Only complained about the problem 3 times (because it reoccurred)  in the proper manner.   Now I have become the  perpetrator, not the victim.   Many immigrants  know our laws and “rights”  better than  the citizens of the UK, many of these “rights” are onerous to the UK citizen.   Many abuse our tolerance and take us for fools I realise now. We need to stop it before it is too late, we have bent over backwards to assist and it is too much now.  Some  demand rights in my nation having only been here a few years and obviously all that anyone want  is security for the family and future. But many are aggressive and demanding, both  those in the public eye and those not,  and they put myself a law abiding ordinary citizen  under fire by false accusation in my own land under Human or EU  “Rights”. Mrs Gina Miller a non British born but now  UK citizen has just overturned a majority vote for Brexit by her money and privileged status of a wife of millionaire and her  Father’s ability to put her through boarding school. We have a Muslim Mayor who desired to make London independent immediately after The Referendum. We  have many MP’s immigrants and British, now ignoring the  principle of “democracy”  just because they feel they are right. They do not protect the British rights, they have more concern for  minority EU rights  and EU citizens than their own nationals. A case in point being Nick Clegg (and others) who wish to give 3.2 million EU citizens security, yet do not seem to care about the1.2 Million of their own nationals in the EU. But perhaps this is the key issue, some are mixed nationality and do not feel bound to any land but wish to have every land with all its benefits, i.e. the EU.  The issue is that we did not need “Human Rights” or democracy because we were leading the world in this anyway, but with too many nationalities and numbers we will not for much longer, for as these nationalities become more involved in the leadership roles will bring their own style of democracy and it will not be like ours perhaps. Far from it. Gina Miller herself is overriding democracy and my vote with her money.  

15)  The Police and other institutions are reticent of doing their work properly at times due to fear of accusation of racism. This has  severe repercussion’s as with the hundreds of child abuse cases in Rotherham and also the racist riots some years ago  when a man had been shot by the Police. The recent Inquiry set up for Anthony Grainger who was shot while sitting inside a STOLEN car, and prior to that  was cleared of suspicion of a lost  memory key with 1000 informants. Even if he  had no gun, if someone is a known criminal,  or linked in ANY way to illegal doings , then it should be known to the public by new laws that  if they  step out of  full law abiding behaviour then they also  step out of FULL Police and justice  protection and that rioting for “justice” and Police apology and compensation will only mean a criminal record for themselves. So that when such men are shot there is less so called “right” for mass riots for so called “justice” for an already  known  criminal.  For how is a Policeman to know if a suspect has  a gun or not, be they terrorist or  common criminal? If they are found to be completely innocent then that is a different matter, but we cannot have our Police risking THEIR lives, against  those who have already known  to have breached the law already. We also find that  these incidents are  followed up by   some sort claim for  “injustice” being upheld by the Media coverage  or MP comment, for  such riots or incidents. We have a new incident now in January 2017 of a man Mohammed Yasser Yaqub, with a Police history of criminal activity and having once being cleared of murder. After he was  shot dead by the Police, a firearm was found in  his  passenger seat foot  area.  Then on TV while the matter was being reported several balaclava masked men  stood around the Reporter saying they wanted justice for their “brother”. In Newspaper reports on-line his friends were saying “although he was not perfect, he did not deserve this, and may he get justice”. This cannot be allowed anymore, we are giving to much “tolerance” to those that abuse it, bending over backwards to appease those who actually racist against us.   I wonder also, if the 7 year old  that was recently murdered by a 15 year old by her throat being slit, that  the murderer may be a Muslim, or if not, certainly Muslim ISIS style example is changing  our  societies and the “thought” process of the youth infiltrating their minds to kill in this way, be it a mental health issue or not. We have to realise NOW  that EVERY nationality, because they have grown up in a particular society and/or  with particular religion, they will only see the matter as their family or own society/culture  see it, and it takes time for us all to change our stance or “mindset”  on this. Although it is  not anyone’s “fault”, for  by human nature we are all “locked in” to our own thought pattern and past experience  in some way.  Unless we are very well educated on the dangers of human nature and with the training to realise that we have to listen to others, and  not to be naïve on what others may do.   It must NOW  be enforced on arrival in this  and other Western “free” nations that  a certain agreed “ Culture” must be agreed upon  to live by that will  overturn certain aspects of ANY other culture, and Racism cannot be claimed against  anyone when  enforcing this new Common Culture i.e. An agreed Common  International Culture and upheld and promoted by the UN and other international bodies, this must be upheld in particular by immigrants for they at present abuse the human rights and racists laws.  The Common Culture Being: Consideration & Common Sense, Tolerance and Freedom. Rights with Responsibility. No Murder; No Stealing; No False witness in Court; No lying; No bullying (including adults);Men & Women Equality; One Wife (female) to  One Husband (male);  No Honour Killings ; No arranged marriages before 18 years old and then only by consent in the presence of a Solicitor and 2 witnesses not from the family and automatic annulment on return to the UK if married abroad before 18.etc etc. (to be developed further).

16)  Recognition in the Media and the Law of the  “other side” of Racism and the need for  an International Law for “Common Culture” ( Consideration & Common Sense, Tolerance and Freedom, Rights with Responsibility) that will trump Racist laws  and other cultures when necessary, i.e. honour killings for instance; I bring to you 3  incidents to describe the problem. I have had a new Ethiopian neighbour move in recently next door and under my flat. Both are Council flats. I am not sure if they are on benefit or not.  Since in Feb 2016 music was playing loudly at times even 1am to 3.30am. They  slam the door during the day and even up to midnight. I had left a friendly letter in Feb 16, then in Oct 16  after I reported it  the council who a sent a letter to several flats(for until Nov 16 I could not identify which flat it was coming from due to the  strange layout of the building). Xmas evening it played at 1am to 3.30am and was about to start again at 6pm and very disheartened I left a VERY pleasant note  again, following which 2 women  knocked on my door and invited me into the flat.  They said in their culture they did this at Xmas. I  said it had gone on all year on and off  and should my Xmas be spoiled on account of their loud music which just needed to be turned down just a little. They said why  had I not said anything before. I said I had informed them in Feb 16. They said they could not move the music/TV system (which was large) I said I just wanted it turned down a little, not moved. They said we all need to compromise in such blocks where we live and music is only restricted during certain hours at night. I said the Tenancy had restrictions for all loud music I thought (which it does,  i.e any unsocial interruption to neighbours). I said for the first time (for I had feared mentioning before) that they also slam the doors throughout the day even up until midnight. They said I was “very rude” to say this. I said how can it be rude, if I cannot even speak of an issue that is disturbing me, how can an issue be resolved? I said they were also probably disturbing those below as well but many fear reporting incidents for fear of repercussion’s. They said they thought no one feared to do that in the UK. I said I feared it and also  a friend of mine had put up with noise above her flat for years for fear of that. They had also had a small dog  for a short period that they allowed to “wee” right in front of 2 neighbouring doorsteps which I pointed out to the sons, but I was the one that washed it away.  A few months later I come home and find a 10ft line of white paint on the common areas leading from this neighbours door to the lift. It now looks like a building site. Why do they do this?  All they needed to say with regard to the noise and music was “I am sorry I did not realise, we will turn it down and not slam the doors”. But instead, all this conflictive rhetoric in order that they may do as they wish according to their culture which is LESS accommodating to others than my culture (being English/British) or the Western culture generally. 2) Shortly after the Brexit result I have had heated discussions with 3 friends on EU origin.One was born here with dual nationality, two were EU citizens of some time here. The 2 had dual Passports, the one born here had  suggested activating their other Passport option  following the  EU Referendum.  The other one I  think is  pleased they  had dual passports and cannot really see the problems I raise and voted to Remain. The third had worked and lived here for 20 years and bought a flat here. A week or so after the referendum I called her   for a general  chat and asked how she felt about Brexit. We then entered a vitriolic attack by her on all things  British. She  did not feel welcome (something the Media kept reiterating, and they DO stir up people to be aggressive on many issues, and do not ask the common sense questions like “How can the UK afford  so many”  or “in some Uk cities the white British are becoming a minority, what do you have to say about that”  for instance),  she said the British press were hopeless at reporting news from other EU nations, she resented all the Insurance/tax paid into the UK as she did not want us to profit from her now, she used to care about whether Ireland or Scotland left the UK but now  did not care if they  did and even hoped for it so we  became “little England” if that was what we wanted. I listened respectfully  to all this, though very upset inside at the injustice of this attack, even as I felt with the previous  example with the neighbour, I try to be pleasant  and accommodating, but they do not accommodated me or my nations problems or unlimited numbers but just take it personally.  I said I was sorry she felt like that and that  most Brexiteers were not  Racist but fear  the sheer volume of people coming into the UK and that infinite numbers could  come and we have no law to stop it. I said  we are only an Island, unlike her nation. I mentioned that the UK is the most  densely populated nation after Japan. She mentioned that if we stayed in the EU we could change it.  Davis Cameron had tried that I replied. We have not spoken since, she has not apologised and I do not want to reach out to her and then be rebuked again by an unpleasant letter or conversation. Why do EU and other  none British citizens stay here if they feel so offended by us? All I and others did  was vote to come out of a “club” that we pay a lot of money to remain a member  and is causing havoc to our services, benefits and housing supply, it may be bad for us if we leave but if we stay the increasing immigration will be a worse problem  in years to come. The current Racist/EU laws strengthen immigrants’ rights  against the British citizen  unfairly. Due to manipulation by immigrants and the  naivety and  excessive   tolerance culture that the UK has, which is NOT coupled with common sense such as “can we afford it”. Even with refugees,  the UK and the  EU cannot become a “charity” to the extent that our nation also fails like theirs, we will then be unable to help them or ourselves.

17)  Change in Passport allocation and voting rights and the effect of dual nationality, i.e. that dual nationality (holding 2 Passports) actually  disadvantage’s the citizen with one Passport in their own land. Unbeknown to most of us the Maastricht Treaty gave many of our UK rights and benefits to the other 500 million  EU citizens, and took some of our own UK rights away. Like others,  I was too busy working and thought the Politicians would be doing what they thought was best. They probably did, but could not foresee what would occur now having giving 500 million  EU citizens  access to the  UK .  There are about 3.2 million EU citizens IN the UK  and about  1.2 Million  IN  the WHOLE of the  EU of  our  UK citizens. Think about this imbalance. Also, nearly  1 million Polish here in the last 10 years or so, compared to 400 or so Irish and other EU nation numbers below that.  Germany has adjusted their  life and systems  in order to accommodate  1 Million Refugees. We have already taken in nearly a million Polish, not refugees but a million more people. We are just an island, our housing shortage and NHS services and school places are affected by these numbers. The Celebrities and Politicians call for the taxpayer to take in more, it is not their money to spend, nor is it their loss, for they have private care, education, homes.   The UK is vilified by the press, celebrities and  even some MP’s because they say we must take more refugees AND  stay in the EU with its Freedom of Movement. Yet it appears every year,  we accommodate about 300 thousand extra immigrants into the UK . Please note these figures are  taken from an EU survey in 2014 on EU numbers coming to each EU nation. Top is Germany 882K (Thousand) Second is UK: 632K Then: Spain, Italy, France, about £300K each. We are second after Germany and the other nations have at least half what the Uk have arriving. Then Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Belgium About 120 k each. Please note  this also: Germany has land space of approx 135K square miles. Population: 80million approx. The UK has Land space has 95k sq miles and Population 65million, almost as many as Germany yet with 2/3rd of land space.  We are getting more than our fair share of those trying to come to our small island, and I feel our society is  being overburdened and the EU  and others should recognise that.

18)  It does imply  in the EU rules I believe: These rights include important personal freedoms: to study; to work; to live ;to retire, anywhere in the EU, provided you are not a burden on the country you live in.  We should investigate  to see if the UK has  legal case against the EU that we ARE overburdened en masse and that because of this we have a right by law to stop immigration with immediate effect.  Only recently  I learnt that  after 5 years ANY EU citizen can obtain a UK Passport with all the rights and benefits that I and my family have paid towards ALL OUR LIVES  and for which my Father fought for. I did not pay my taxes so that rich  UK Celebrities, MPs, Popes, Archbishops play games with their “ideals” and spend our “taxpayers” money and council  homes without someone like myself  also having a “voice” to object. Hence my request for Polity Polling with basic education  about Politics & Economics to ensure that have our British Passport holders vote with  knowledge and responsibly. Those that live in my council block  do not all  have an illness, or are disabled or similar,  but somehow  now immigrants   jump the queue of the British because they know how to manipulate the system, they are not as naive nor as honourable perhaps as some  (not all) British citizens. I grew up being taught you do not claim unless you have to. Immigrants come to “get it if they can”, life has been hard for them I am sure but this will ruin us financially and morally. Why should I as a British citizen do the honourable thing when immigrants take what is mine and  that of my  nation    without a thought about honour.   Refugees jump the system and queue because MPs celebrities and others deem it suitable to give away the nations back up system to those who plead poverty, or extend a religious  war that is lost already  and do not ask surrender terms.  It is not  the “government” that is at fault but the rich and the poor in society that do not look at the broader view.  Some come and often have paid nothing into the system, even obtaining a home  before a UK  ex soldier,  and having seen the recent  attitude of my neighbours,  they show  no gratitude for what they have received,  it’s just about their “rights” and living as the wish regardless of any consideration for others.   We cannot allow this attitude to prevail. All “rights” must be balanced with consideration by the immigrants for others, and common sense.  We are upholding  and teaching these so called “rights”  to those who have not been taught as a child, nor in their own  society, that  there is an element of responsibility and consideration  to others that goes with those “rights”. This also applies to the British “poor” on benefit that deem it appropriate to have children when they have no home, partner or job. 

19)  Issuing of automatic passports must stop and there should be voting rights ONLY  to UK Passport holders and NOT for dual or EU Passport Holders who are biased to another nation and are at an advantage over a single UK Passport holder having another country to live in should our nation  fail.  I have  heard that  people say “but don’t you want others to have  what you  have” and some say “ having benefitted from the UK myself , I  want others and my family  to be able to come” or “I feel guilty if I  ban others having benefited  myself”. They think they are being kind, but  they  are not thinking of the long term future of the UK and that soon NO-ONE will have ANY social security. The current state of the NHS, lack of homes and School places is a warning of this.


20)   Ban Sharia Law Courts. These  Courts are  giving credence to a system/religion that is shown to oppress and abuse women, and many do not properly adhere  to the Qur’an  anyway as is shown in Points 8 to 12. Each believer or group have their own interpretation. The Sharia is based on the Hadiths which are  not part of the Qur’an and there are about 6 versions of the Hadiths. People are being oppressed and killed for laws based on them.   We are giving mixed messages to society by allowing the Sharia  Courts. Some call it tolerance to allow them, but the Qur’an and Muslim faith is not tolerant and women in particular coerced into using them I am sure.  By our dangerous lack of knowledge and naivety about the Qur’an, we will eventually disable our own society as time and immigration increases: Those who desire to wear the vail in a free country like the UK  do not consider the full oppression they would experience if in another Islamic nation under Sharia Law.  Those  people who verbally honour the veil, or those women we assume may be pressured by a husband to wear it, are potentially those who believe the Qur’an seriously  and more likely to follow the more destructive verses. Like “do not befriend Jews and Christians” etc etc. Their dress and beards show them to be a potential danger in our midst at some point. It is naïve of us to think otherwise. Those that say it is a peaceful religion are trying to remove the danger of what would happen if we really knew  what the Qur’an says, be they believers or unbelievers. The Qur’an is meant to be read with the Bible as well, the Qur’an says this. All the Prophets  should be followed and believed, the Qur’an says this. Muslims ONLY reading the Qur’an are not  following the Qur’an’s instructions, but following  half a message, hence the cruelty of ISIS and others and the Terrorism. We MUST therefore advocate compulsory reading of The Qur’an AND the Bible TOGETHER  coupled with A Certain Myth oR iS iT tRUE  a 3 hour read only and free to download  www.ACertainMyth.com.

21)  Encourage the current Government to Engage with Russia alongside USA/UK/EU and others to oppose/resolve all wars and resolve Syria. In Sept 2015 Putin called for a coalition on Syria similar to 1945 after the war. This may have been a cynical offer some have said,  but we could have saved many lives if we had taken this offer. The ex UK  Ambassador to Syria has said that taking Assad away would not bring peace. Having taken Saddam Husain away and the interfighting of different factions since, it is obvious now the Middle  Eastern society is not like ours. Maybe our leaders would need to be “tougher” with  our society if it  regularly and violently  rioted with weapons.  Generally we have seen that Muslim nation   do not have not alternative leaders after a dictator,  and  they have  divisive and violent belief systems due to the violent book they read in the Qur’an. We experienced a little of this in Ireland with Protestant/Catholic and how intransigent they were. The Syrian rebels are not “saints”,  a few may be genuine and looking for peace and a freer society. We should not make the mistake of  believing  they are fleeing from a just  war for democracy, not when many young men do not stay to fight for it, but run to the EU instead. In WW2 it was obligatory to fight. There are at least 40 different factions involved in Syria including Al Qaeda. It is obvious if we remove Assad, it will descend into chaos or an imposed Muslim society.  We should support Russia and USA and Assad and offer to rebuild Syria with a secular Government with Russian/International force to monitor the same. This after or in conjunction with,   defeating ISIS in the area together with  Assad, Turkey and Iranian troops and USA, UK, EU, and any others supply planes and drones. Assad may or may not be cruel, but look what he has to deal with, half is country is under ISIS control and most of the 40 or so  rebel groups he is fighting are Islamists.

22)  Basic Common  Knowledge via DVD to be used in our schools for those less academic and being excluded or having difficulty reading or just not inclined to academic knowledge and to be repeated once a year or more for those needing repetition. For all others, the DVD’s watched  once  when 11 and then 16 years. It could ALSO  be suggested to the International community to use these DVDs  as a BASELINE COMMON KNOWLEDGE for ALL nations and accessible via the internet FREE worldwide  and  ALSO for PRISONERS. Suggested DVDs as follows: The list  can be improved on or replaced  but they must be easy to watch, entertaining yet factual. The  8 suggested Videos As follows. 1) History of the World by Andrew Marr 2) The Wonders Collection with Prof. Brian Cox (wonders of the Solar System) 3) The Story of Science Presented by Michael Mosely 4) Darwins Dangerous Idea presented by Andrew Marr 5)The Richard Dawkins Collection (a Channel 4 DVD available from Amazon) 6)A History of Christianity presented by Diarmaid MacCulloch 7) Jerusalem (The making of a Holy City) Presented by Simon Sebag Montefiore. 8) An Islamic History of European Presented by Rageh Omaar ( http://thetvdb.com). 9) The set of World At War Videos could also be included. These videos ideally need to be watched in a short space of time or even watched weekly  throughout the school year on a recurring weekly basis.

23)  Worldwide accessible basic  course/information on setting up society for democracy and later on Polity Politics and Polling. Egypt nearly accessed Democracy but the society had no substitute leaders or knowledge in society on what needs to be done next and fell back to the military. Also a Team of trained Experts available to go to ANY nation willing for that team to go and teach  on economics, democracy, justice system required to establish functional democracy in their nation and to assist in setting these up if required.  There should be  a  new GCE and A Level dealing with Basic Politics, Law, Government, Public Speaking, Dealing with The Media, Obtaining funding and support to become an Independent MP. So that young people at school  and adults in Further Education centres can learn the basics and move into Politics if they wish and it educates all people  in the basics in the UK and it could  also be  Internationally accessible via the Internet for those in developing countries. In the UK  a Degree of some sort, or extensive work experience is needed as well, before entering Politics. However a basic or GCE O Level or equivalent should be compulsory before leaving school in order that ALL children leave with a basic balanced understanding of Politics in order to participate in Polity Polling or more Referendums.  The exam  to include the damage Unions, combined with  human nature, can bring, the dangers of   extreme or even moderate Left or Right Wing Politics, and the current crippling effect of minority groups in democracy. So that there is an understanding of what democracy can do for good and ill, depending on the level of society’s  understanding and knowledge.  Polity Politics and Polling should be tested as a possible improvement/end  to Democracy. But this will  only succeed  when combined with greater knowledge of Politics and Human nature in ALL society and greater education in the poorer end of society.

24)        Commitment to raise the standard of education for the less educated and academic early on in life and via the internet and together with the 8 DVDS suggested above and instruction on Faith, Belief, and advice to teenagers at school that childbearing before 25 years old is not advised as they need time to mature in order to be good parents, to be free from responsibility of parenthood  for a period, to decide if they even WANT to be parents. Strong Contraceptive Advice Early in Life and on Sexual Health.This will also reduce those caught in the “poverty trap”.   Early information on birth control at 12 years  and for boys in particular. And for boys as well to insist on use  of  condoms EVEN if a girl says she is on the contraceptive pill or similar. Girls get pregnant on purpose at times, and  in order that both  have an element of protection from  disease that at times can be life threatening, and also to almost ensure a pregnancy does not occur in error. In Spain there is quite a rigid system of financial responsibility  required from the men, and in any case,  boys and men  in the UK that have no money just assume  the “state” will pick up the problem so there is no responsibility  for what they are doing. So we need to change the law on this as well as instruct teenagers at school. Perhaps at the point a woman is pregnant she provides the name and address of the Father or she receives no benefits, at which point  a special ID card is provided for the Father even if he is not working and any further children born to him out of wedlock will mean benefits will not be paid to him but to the Mother.  With  their dna  on the card  all children they have  will be  registered to them and that if  they  than  fathered more than 1  without a marriage or financial support  compulsory sterilisation is made or if they refuse all benefits will be stopped or no benefits will be offered to them in the future.  Much of poverty comes from poorly  educated single parents giving birth to numerous children they cannot support or educate and then the children do the same and the cycle continues,  putting pressure on the housing and  benefit system and perpetrating the poverty trap for these people and the children they bear.  The contraceptive pill does  fail at times and girls do sometimes contrive to “trap” their boyfriends into a lifelong relationship against their will by saying they are on the pill when they are not, or just not taking it for a few days. Boys need to be aware early in life that  they need to  take control of their lives and be responsible as well as protect themselves from both of the above scenarios.  Girls need to know having physical involvement with a boy does not guarantee that boys  will marry them or want to be with them afterwards, i.e. boys  do not have the attachment/commitment/expectation that most girls have after full physical involvement. These are 2 very simple pieces of information both girls and boys need to know early in teenage life and order that they do not wreck their lives early on. Our lives are NEVER the same again after a child is born, for  good AND ill, nor can they provide  for themselves a good home and it is not for the Taxpayer to pick up the cost of this irresponsibility.


26)  Benefit claimants.  The taxes  should not be seen as  an infinite source of demand as if by "right" and  the “benefit claimants” always seen as the poor “injured”  party. Most of the  rich also work hard, while some Benefit Claimants do not attempt to work or are irresponsible in their life, although often through lack of good role models  or knowledge about life  early in life.  But  the UK  has still become an ungrateful “demand” culture by the poor and not so poor.  In particular NO ONE  should  be having  ANY more children while still claiming benefit, if they do,  ALL their benefits should  be stopped, or they have the child adopted.  Perhaps a law should be passed that child benefit and other benefits will not be paid  for couples just “living together”. For men are reluctant to commit to a women but happy to live with her for a period, get her pregnant and then move on. Young women attempt to ensnare a man by pregnancy, yet knowing she will get benefit and a home paid by the Taxpayer because of the child. They nor we are thinking of the children that are born  from tactical lovemaking.  We have removed the stigma of  illegitimacy but it has given way to something else detrimental to children. A woman may be affected by abortion, giving a child for adoption but this should be a secondary thought to the needs of the child being born that may have a very difficult  life.  In any case there is the morning after pill and contraception available.  Couples can use double care by using the pill and the condom, both parties taking precautions, the men can be sure then they are not being deceived  and both protected from disease. But many of these pregnancies are due to purposefully knowing the benefit system  will kick in, and  so by irresponsible choice. To discourage this,  if a child is born outside of a marriage, civil or church, then ALL benefits will be withdrawn for life, or 5 or 10 years, for in the Uk there is no need for a child to be conceived when one cannot afford it. The Father must be named on the birth certificate and financial demand made from him and a database gradually  made of Fathers conceiving children when on benefits so that their benefits will also be stopped which will make them more responsible. This is for a deterrent to prevent and  protect children from immature and irresponsible parents, we are thinking of the unborn  children first not the parents.  I have a cousin who has purposely had a child when not well and had never worked and the partner is nowhere to be found. I know of another EU national who has done the same but now challenging the council about her current rented home where no children are allowed , I am sure she will get a council property in due course.  This couple are both educated with parents not poor,  the Mother of this child could go back home where there is a flat for her, yet she chooses to stay in the UK. The father is not interested, the UK Taxpayer is picking up the cost. This is what is happening in real life in our naïve kindness to the immigrant and the british born “poor”. Who pays for these rather opportunistic persons? Those like myself who was  slaving away day after day and happy to do so as to NOT be a burden on the state and those British born after me that paid their way and find when they need a council home or benefit due to genuine difficulty they find all the homes are filled with immigrants of refugees and that now some of the benefits are no longer available because the nation has overspent on these same people. For I can forsee that soon we may have to pay even for primary schooling and for some NHS care.   Benefits should be a “buffer” in life not a “right” for all and sundry who have paid nothing into it, purposely turn up for it. Even a £23’000 benefit cap amounts to a £30’000 salary or more  I believe. I have a nephew who is a teacher, has a student debt, who studied and works  hard every day,  who does not earn that yet, nor does he have the security of a cheaper council home but pays high rental  rates on the open market.  Therefore there  should  now be no legitimate claim to “poverty” if the person on benefit is owning dogs, drinking excess alcohol & smoking and conceiving a child when they have no job or home, as I have seen on TV and heard of myself  of some behaving in this manner. Society  must start expecting EVERYONE to take responsibility for their actions and future,  for the benefit of the society  and themselves. Children need to be told early on in life that there is more to life than having children and to delay it until 21 or 25 and  provide them with the information  and counselling  for this while at school.  At present some purposely have a child to obtain a home and benefits and no real  thought is for the welfare of that child.  The parents often have very basic education themselves and the child will have even less due to this. The care system and society is obliged to pick up the problem. Some on benefit have 2 or 3 children and then have another child even though on benefit and have no job. This wilful irresponsibility is also encouraged by the benefit system  and it must be adjusted.  The policy of no Child benefit after 2 Children is a good, as is the benefit cap.  Perhaps child benefit should be stopped altogether for immediate affect for those born 1 year after the law is passed. Child benefit was brought in after the war I believe when we needed children following so much death. There should also be  some research/discussion  on the following: 1) For those teenagers  without extended education and parents already on  Benefit, to offer certain families £2’000 if they agree to  sterilisation after age 18 following counselling and before 1 child is born. £1000.00  if they have a child already. Should they have it reversed they will not be eligible for ANY Benefits again. 2)  For women already with children and on benefit up to age 30. £1000.00  to be sterilised and again no illegibility  for benefits if it is reversed 3) For those already  with children and on benefit there should   be compulsory classes in childcare, cooking, relationship issues, until  they find work. This would free up some jobs for men and the youth and also and help some parents to focus on their children and bring them up better  and then themselves in finding work later. Having a child is  great responsibility. We should  forget about the parents rights, what about the child that is born to these parents that have no idea how to work, let alone bring a child up. Society itself is being irresponsible in allowing it. As the above is a costly idea, perhaps offer it  as a trial to those who take up the £2’000/£1000 sterility offer to see if it works in decreasing benefit demand with those that are most likely to become a burden to society and improving care and capability of those who have had poor  peer or parental models. I suggest this as while nursing in the children’s  ward, there was an obvious mentally handicapped couple that had 8 children. It is unkind to the children and to society  that are born to allow this. Let them have one or two children perhaps, but without  societies  benefits and support some cannot  not cope, others just manipulate the system.

27)  Commitment towards the  aim for minimum benefit for all adults in each nation as Switzerland has recently voted against due to the “draw” it may bring to new immigrants. Finland I believe is  also currently testing this  system. The fact that this  system is   being considered and even   possible and economically  viable is interesting and should be investigated/researched for the UK: I have a feeling its success would  be related to a nation being of  relatively small size. So even if we just became England alone it need not be such a catastrophe.  The EU law  of free movement of people and compulsory payment of benefits to any immigrant who enters each nation is probably hindering a new development of supporting ALL people  of society. Another reason why the EU is beginning to damage innovation and development of society. If Switzerland, Finland, and possibly the UK can test this model and succeed then it could be the aim for societies worldwide together with the Central Common Fund (see Point 28). For it would ensure those less able intellectually or physically would have the “basics” at least and those who wish to develop their skills and  income would not be hindered. The Common Central Fund would allow those who are very gifted and wealthy  to pass on any excess  wealth into the fund on a  voluntary basis if they see it is working properly and funds being passed directly to the less able or fortunate. See Point 28. We could also begin this by that “back door” as it were by allowing some hard to fill low paid unskilled jobs to keep their jobseekers benefits even if working, i.e. farm workers, hotel workers, care workers etc and then they pay tax on anything over the usual Tax Allowance still.

28)  Establish Central Common Fund for part, or all of  the UK Foreign Aid and any nation who wishes to donate part of their foreign aid for the following purpose: It will be paid by annual payment by mobile phone to individuals by bitcoin  with the aim of voluntary fairer distribution of wealth to those on “a dollar a day". The charity www.GiveDirectly.org  is already doing this successfully for Kenya and Uganda. I am not sure if they use Bitcoin but it carries low admin cost and can be changed into the currency of choice. The 10% rich of the world holding 90% of the worlds wealth and ordinary individuals can also voluntarily donate into the fund, and the amount paid to each  person increased accordingly. It is a means of taking the Swiss idea/model of basic provision to all society, worldwide. It may eventually work if we ALL  know from 11 onwards what we are aiming for, for the world, and we  stop collecting or buying more than we need when rich. i.e. 6 Rolls Royce, a house in every nation etc. We also need to  educate better than we do now, those who are less able, to be sensible and stay off drugs and crime and not have children when they have no reliable partner, nor their own home or a job. If they are in that stat, even one child, or no child is ample. The rich will have slightly less and the poor have slightly more,  but the "poor" must also realize they cannot demand all that the rich have, but then do nothing different in their lives to improve their life. Society needs to provide (and does in some nations), the systems, education and opportunities so that we all can improve our lives if we are able  to do so with the talents we have.  Foreign Aid given to 3rd world Governments should be temporarily  stopped and be utilised in the UK until we come out of the EU and stabilise the NHS and immigrant numbers. Only those charities providing clean water, health care and contraception should perhaps continue to receive funds and those in refugee camps until we reevaluate the common central Fund in the UK initially and internationally eventually. Perhaps even combine with Give Directly charity model to expand worldwide.

29)  Clarify the issues over “Black Lives Matter” and establish/teach the correct way of dealing with the Police by  ALL nationalities, perhaps even with new laws. Racism laws have “bound up” common sense discussion. I am not Racist. I at one time attended a mostly  black congregation church  for a period. I also  had a prolonged period in hospital being  nursed by mostly black nurses. Black lives DO matter, of course they do, but  society  does not necessarily reject  them because of their colour, but because  their culture and attitude which tends to aggression and has  no respect for the law, as do  some of the  white English at times. I noticed this in the homes and churches  I visited years ago and in the nursing care I received since 2010.   For example: In the church I found that at least 2 were driving without a car licence, tax and insurance and one  had a  council property which was being  illegally sublet to others without permission. The official occupant was illegally in the UK with a child. They can also be somewhat  racist against the whites.  Two  items of moderate value of mine  somehow “disappeared” and when I queried the disappearance  of one item I was told they wanted to keep it to “remember me by”. The other   item I had  not realised was missing until it was too late. I have trained as a nurse myself,  and when I was nursed by a ward team of almost mostly “black” nurses, I found it  “uncaring” to  a high degree, to be  almost aggressive, with disputes between other black nurses going on, as to how they were treating each other with “respect” or not. I believe the male culture has and issue with “respect”. And I was also  being told I was being given to much authority over my care. This was after I had challenged them that my “feed”  was not the correct one (I was unable to eat and had a naso gastric tube in), and I insisted I have my usual one.  I even offered and provided a signed statement saying I would take responsibility before this dispute ended. I do not know why a call could not have been made to the dietician to resolve it.   In ITU when I was nursed by an African Agency nurse  I had the curtains drawn around me nearly all night even though I was   unable to sit up myself and I had asked several times to put the bed head up for  I was  in fear of choking on my saliva. I was  unable to speak, nor call out  nor had access to a nurse call buzzer. I survived  because I somehow  (for even spitting was difficult) managed  to push  the saliva out of my mouth that ran down my face, chin and neck.  It was a nightmare night, as was another night and some others under  the care of “black” nurses.  They are not perfect, nor indeed are white nurses, but let us not over compensate and not complain just because a person is “black” for then we end up with fear to complain lest we are accused of Racism. I feel this may be partly why the NHS has had such a poor  recent reports in nursing care. We keep hearing over the news we “rely” on immigrants in our health service,  but what sort of care are we getting? Some do not  even speak English well, this too I experienced.  We may have many immigrants in our NHS but it is possibly changing the “face” of  the nursing care we receive. I was not taught to nurse like this.  When visiting the homes of the black families at the church there was an aggressiveness even to each other, so this seems to be part of their culture in some cases, what they have learnt from their family and society, it has probably been hard for most of them and this “toughness” is brought to our society and we all label it the effects of Racism. There may also be  an inherent aggressiveness against the white society, blaming us for ALL their ills, when some of it is there culture not their colour.  We must all  move on. As with WW2 issues, remember and learn from them Yes, but we are all relatively  equal in the UK  and we only  make ourselves unequal in our minds. I am unequal to the rich for instance.  I might change that inequality with effort, if not, then it is not necessarily the rich at fault, but my inability or lack of effort, no can change that but me, and inability cannot always be changed.  I  heard  on the Radio  by a black interviewee,  “That the west had made themselves rich from the slave trade”. It’s true the slave trade was appalling, but it was several centuries ago, we cannot live in the past to make excuses for the present. In the Uk, the USA, Europe, we  ALL have opportunity to educate ourselves and progress. Even the white youth do not get far if they are uneducated, rude, aggressive, or have poor parenting. It is not JUST because of skin colour. A positive polite  well presented willing black person is  just as appealing  and acceptable as a white person. You do get some with rude extremist views, but we also get extremely violent black guys with knives and guns as well. None of us are  perfect and we all have violent unreasonable extremists in our midst. What is not pleasant, be it the white or black poor, is the irresponsibility  coupled with continual demand for more support from the Taxpayer  when they have not even bothered to stay at school and learn to read and write but turn to drugs, drink or crime.  The black community  also should be shown the statistics  to realise that THEY TOO must change. The  statistics show I believe that many do not have Fathers that stay around  for long, many carry more guns or knives compared to the white community and many are in prison due lack of basic educational skills. They should also consider, when saying that the slave trade has made  the Western society rich,  and themselves poor, why is it that  African nations have not developed since they have become independent if Britain was the cause of all their ills?  Why has South Africa, now governed  by black Africans,  is slowly failing,  and why  is the current Leader of South Africa the Brother in Law of Mugabe, the Dictator/Leader of Zimbabwe? That seems rather strangely “convenient”  to me and likely to lead to South Africa into the same corruption, dictatorship  and trauma as Zimbabwe. Mugabe also  was given Leadership by vote at its independence from Britain MANY years ago yet here he   is  still, in office by force and aggression and  holding the nation back, as are many African nations. So it is not  racism that holds them or their nations back,  but lack of Education and development of potential leaders and the right political and other systems.  As for black society in the UK and other  democratic nations,  blaming society and always accusing of us racism does not help, as does  allowing their children to follow their peers or fathers on the wrong path, EVEN AS  the  white in the UK of poor educational skills and self  discipline  need to  have better role models and work at reading and writing  and self discipline early in life.  No “black” person is “bound” to stay in the UK or any other nation  to suffer racism, in this  modern day they can return to their own country if they wish, to start a new life there without the Racism, and even help their own nation to develop having experienced what life could be like in the West.  Most do not do this thugh because their countries still do not flourish, so they choose to stay here. But   we cannot spend another century  bending and bending  to try to accommodate every little slight, when they are also racist against the white community if the truth were known and the statistics show that some of the problems are of their own making and culture.  White citizen against white also  have disputes, rich against poor for instance. We all have to move on to a different narrative so that we can all progress together. For instance,   I have  seen on USA TV that when a Policeman asks  a black person to stop, they run.  Yet if I am asked to stop by the Police, I stop. Running means guilt of something and very disrespectful.  I have seen on TV black citizens aggressively  refuse to come out of a car when asked to do so by the Police. The Police are there to do a job and have a certain authority on behalf of  the society whom they protect, in the UK anyway, it  may be different elsewhere. As mentioned earlier in this document, riots have been started in the UK by the black community when a man has been shot by the Police who was a known criminal.   January 2017 also an Arabic man with a gun at his feet when stopped by Police, was shot,  yet  friends called  for “justice” for him over the internet and over TV. His masked friends “dancing” around the reporter calling for justice for their “innocent” Brother. This is a ridiculous attitude, and the Media  to an extent do not create any sort of balance of  narrative to indicate that  this is not acceptable behaviour. I suppose they instead they get an MP or similar to speak and they, instead of condemning this behaviour they say very little. I think in such situations it should be incumbent all who speak at such times to reiterate the correct response to the Police when asked by them to stop or similar, What needs to be said EVERY TIME such incidents occur is this, either by the Media, and/or the MP’s/Police:  We should be told over the TV at intervals and at school that if police asks your name, you give it. If he asks you to stop. You stop. If to get out of the car,  to get out. And to remain polite throughout.  You do not run, answer back, or refuse.  The Public should be informed that “Individuals will not be as “safe” , if they have already breached the rules of the law, or carry a gun, or have committed a crime of ANY sort, or even struggle to escape,  for the Police have to protect themselves as well as society”.   Why should the Police risk dying for the sake of a criminals life? However petty a crime. I  believe some Police have been accused of misdeeds and a public outcry when apprehending someone who has struggled against the Police and perhaps have died from suffocation but if they had not run or struggled  force need not be used.  The Media/MP’s/Police in all these situations  should instruct society as follows: When approached by the Police in ANY WAY, they should respond promptly and politely  to their request, otherwise they step out of full Police protection due to their duty in having protect society and risk their lives in doing so. In these days of terrorism, and as an example,  when  the man in January was found with  a gun at his feet in the car, he could have shot the Police and also gone on a  rampage as some terrorists now do. Even that man’s parents  remarks in the above incident was unapologetic and inappropriate in the circumstances. He said “Is the UK becoming like the USA?”.   These “rights” for “justice” for those obviously already breaking the law,  or running away,   should be challenged by their peers, family, MP’s or Media, otherwise we  make the job of the Police nearly impossible.  As for those rioting in support of these petty or major criminals, they  are not on the side of justice and law abiding behaviour, nor are the MP’s that support these individuals known to be breaking the law, and who may have died at the hand of the Police. Your priorities may be  “politically correct”, but they are certainly not right, nor are you supporting the Police who keep our nation fairly safe so that we are NOT like the USA, therefore  such rioting or unwarranted demands for justice, is setting a bad example to society.

30)  Suggest to  International  Community that English is the  default second   2nd language taught  worldwide. In order that the world eventually has one functional language that EVERYONE  speaks. This will  assist every nation to obtain work and progress and that the General  Central Knowledge  (Point 19) to be established Internationally is understood by all in one language.  And to enhance mankind’s communication  at international and society level.  English is suggested as it is already the most  widely used and mankind must sacrifice other more personal preferences for expediency, it is not for supremacy, but for the common good and world progression. I speak of the second language not the first.

31)  Support Dignitas (assisted dying) to be allowed in the UK. To be treated similar to abortion. i.e. No one knows how one will feel when in a difficult situation like abortion, or when one is so ill and uncomfortable and the situation has no chance of improving significantly. Lord Brian Rix had a handicapped daughter and campaigned against assisted dying I believe. Yet when HE was terminally  he changed his mind and campaigned FOR assisted dying. I do not think ANYONE who has NO experience of illness, terminal illness or disability should have any   say in the final  discussion on this issue,  and the same with abortion. Let those with unwanted or dangerous pregnancy, or close relatives,  only speak on the matter. It is easy to be idealistic in both situations otherwise, without knowledge of the reality, as Lord Brian Rix found at his end of life. I have been a patient in ITU and was sedated just prior to being re- intubated for a ventilator. For about 20 minutes I could hear everything but could not move a single  muscle, I was freezing until a nurse put some sort  heated blanket over me. I could not speak or respond.  I was thinking, “I hope this is not going to be like this for days on end or years.  I would get so bored” , The fear of pain and vomiting in such a state, what then? I have nursed handicapped children, having to put tablets in their mouths while they lie  flat on their backs, pouring water into their mouths while they partially choked and gagged until they swallowed it. No hope of improvement or  even awareness for some of these poor  children. Also I nursed  a young woman of about 18, with a  naso gastric tube, IV drip and kept alive like this  for 2 or 3 years already, being turned one side to another every 2 hours. Unable to focus her eyes and probably no awareness, but  she would sometimes attempt to cry and pull faces  as we turned her. I was once having my  own  sheets changed whilst on a ventilator, which was (for me) extremely uncomfortable when turned  on my side, the nurses would chit chat over me as they did their work. But it slowed the task  down,  and to me every second counted so uncomfortable this was, until I  lay on my  back again. If in the “locked in “ syndrome for years, what a terrible nightmare  it must be. But it seems to be the disabled that hold this option back for the majority  of the nation to make their own choice, a minority group, AGAIN holding back the majority.    With Dignitas in the UK we could  start off with only allowing those 50 or over this option,  and  who have also been registered with Dignitas for minimum of  1 year, prior to their medical situation, coupled with  a signature of 2 doctors and signed statement of the patient witnessed by an official  counsellor.  Later on we can consider severely handicapped who have no hope of communication or improvement with need of 24 hour care for instance, with consent of the parent or guardian caring for them and 3 doctors.  If no parent is caring for them and they are cared for by a  Residential home  then the Director and  of the Home signs and the parents have no redress in stopping the procedure. They have opted not to care for them, and do not see the discomfort as the Care Home does.  I reiterate that UNLESS  someone has direct experience of this they CANNOT have a say in the matter.  Those disabled with some quality of life  have a fear that they will be forced to give up their lives,  so we can make them exempt until such time as they feel  they want to take up the option like any other person, by registering with Dignitas at least 1 year before they feel they may want to take up the option of using the service.Many will not for it takes courage, but if we are  very ill  the desire for the suffering to end becomes stronger, as with Lord Rix. The 50 year rule will not apply to the handicapped.  However, I do not feel that a minority of  fairly “capable” disabled should hinder this  option for  what I think the majority of society may want.  Medical care preserves life to an extreme and uncomfortable level these days, whereas before we may have died. There is a “living death” which is worse than death itself and if we make  this decision out of wanting to do what is right for someone, or for ourselves, there is nothing to be guilty about, or have fear about with regard to God.  After my own experience of being “locked in” for the brief 20 minute period, and also my 4 year experience of acute  poor health and frighteningly poor nursing care, I dread being at the mercy of NHS care  staff when completely dependent.   For those who object for religious reasons I say this. We pray to God for healing or similar,  for years maybe, as I have done, having obeyed his commands, yet  He does not come to heal  does He? Yet His “book” says he will. I have sincerely tested this over 20 years in my own life.   We cannot be sure God is there necessarily then, because prayers are not often answered, though I believe God  may be there  due to other things that have occurred to me. But I do not think God will object to ending a life based on releasing someone from acute and prolonged discomfort or pain, which we by medical intervention may ourselves have created, or  extended this pain. My Mother spent 6 months vomiting 2 or 3 times every day prior to her death. She did not deserve that. She may or may not have wanted the option of Dignitas. But let us at least allow people the option in such circumstances, as Lord Brian Rix wanted for himself at the end, despite his sincere opposition to such an option when it was not HE the one suffering. He obviously, like most of us,  did not realise this difference until it  was happening  to him, by then it is too late. I would like the option for myself, and as others have said, I may not use it, but it’s reassuring to know the option is there. At present it would cost me a total £8’000 plus the fare and hotel room. This would include the procedure, cremation and sending my Ashes back to the UK. It looks to be a fairly lengthy process with regard to admin, and not so easy to do quickly from UK to Switzerland if one is ill. So it is not likely to be an option for me unless it is allowed to come to the 8  form of it.   Please note that Dignitas also invest in support /counselling or similar to assist those  who are healthy, but troubled, and who wish to commit suicide, to assist them to live. It could also be offered to prisoners o n a  whole life sentence.


32)  Investigate and Reassess proposed Gay  or  Gender change teaching in schools.  I feel this is dangerously influencing children and young adults when at a vulnerable age, potentially encouraging  them to take a path in life that is not necessarily in their best interest, or necessarily an inevitable choice they must or should make. Some have made the change and regretted it. I think Russia has a better rule on this, that 18 and over is the time for Gay relationships,  I think it should also be the age for actual  potential gender change. I would like to see research (if not already done) into adults  of 18 and over asking questions like 1)When did they become Gay 2)what triggered that awareness 3) Had they been abused in  ANY way as a child 3) What sort of relationship did they have with the male and female parent.  I would also like research done on children that have been brought up or fostered by same sex couples  asking this a) Did they feel embarrassment at their family situation b) Were they abused in any way. c) Did they feel discomfort or embarrassment at outward affection between their  same sex parents.  We are  currently allowing innocent children to be brought up at the mercy of this  unnatural environment.  The “Politically correct”  and the MINORITY  gay community society are saying something  is natural, but it is not, and the “majority” of society is being adversely affected by a minority viewpoint at a  VERY vulnerable and dangerous age. How can ANYONE say it is natural when if we were all that way, the end of the human race would occur. If a child has an issue with their gender then counselling should be offered  so that  assistance and options offered. But we should NOT  educate the whole class or school into thinking they have to make this strange choice, which is what will occur, and some will even  be bullied even more into thinking this might or must be their choice. I also wonder why it is that hormone therapy is not given according to  their body gender  and not according to what they “think”.  If a boy has the body of a male but thinks like a girl, if hormones can change a person like this  into a female, it would seem more logical to stabilise a gender confused  child with the hormones of their body gender. Has this been researched or tried I wonder? I have seen research where many gender confused and gay persons have had a history of being abused. There may be some you people that are adamant at what they want, but  actual hormone treatment  should be offered only in line with their body up until 18 or even 21, and only after this age will they be offered an  operation for gender change and  for hormones  opposing  their natural  physical  born gender.   

33)  Research into a drug that does the opposite of Viagra and reduces the male sex drive with the aim to offer this on a voluntary basis or by enforcement in certain cases. It is another case that “Human Rights” objection may campaign against this but what about the Human Rights of the children whose lives are ruined or lost by such people? I understand  some research is being done on this and that even  Prozac can have an inhibiting effect on sexual  thoughts and desire. Perhaps it should become possible EVEN NOW that patients can self refer themselves to a GP if they find they are being overwhelmed with aggressive,  dangerous or  too strong   sexual thoughts’ and desire, without being reported to the authorities,  and Gps can  prescribe Prozac in the first instance. If it does not work then counselling and other referral options could be offered. If young men are made aware of this early in life they can self refer without fear perhaps, become aware of what may be abnormal and what to do about it,  and we may stop some of the pornographic on line and other offending early on. Please see: https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/wiring-the-mind/201410/should-we-be-castrating-sex-offenders. Perhaps Prozac or similar should also be offered/compulsory to certain long term or violent prisoners to subdue their aggression and desires whilst in prison. It must be better than letting them take illegal/legal highs they seem to be able to get hold of. It may protect to a degree the prisoners from each other and the Prison Officers. The Prison system is becoming appalling, something has to change.

34)  Teach male children from 11 years,  perhaps within the new Counselling role suggested, about the affects of testosterone in their body, the aggression and sexual drive it creates and that this needs to be controlled and  not be utilised on women or girls and that on no account should they be physically fighting  friends or enemies, or hitting women. If they get to that stage they need to seek counselling and get out of that relationship. The Girls also need to be told that if a boyfriend is  aggressive or unkind then to not stay with them however much they think they love them.  And if they are  hit by them even once, they need to leave them  and/or seek counselling. Forewarned is forearmed. Girls also need to be told that it is very true that a  man can very easily become physically involved with them  just to “get them to bed” and it will not make the  man love them, nor will having a child by them keep them in their lives,  but merely wreck their own life and that of the child and their own family. No one wins.

35)  Disabled Persons are getting  increasingly  aggressive and demanding  on their “right” to live as fully abled person  and for society to bear that cost,  whatever the cost, to the extent that businesses and public services  must supposedly take great loss, or even bankruptcy, to provide services now required by Law and its increasing and perhaps now unfair  demands. There is a limit society can reasonably provide services for the Disabled, particularly when it is not gratitude now,  but by aggressive demand. Sometimes from the disabled themselves and sometimes from  “politically correct” pressure from those who DO NOT pay for the costs themselves, be they  the disabled or celebrities, charities or MP’s. It is correct  that the Disabled  are provided  what they already have been perhaps, but the disabled and society must also realise  that these services  cost  significant money for business owners,  public services and the Taxpayer to provide. Recent complaints from the disabled have been where a train had its train WC closed and causing a Disabled lady difficulty. Unforeseen closures sometimes  occur in this  life and cannot be helped sometimes.  If disabled,  then they should  make sure they use  the platform WC before travelling, as I would do as an able bodied person. Or ask the guard before they get on the train,  if the WC  is working in that carriage if their control of bodily functions is limited.  It cannot be helped sometimes if a WC does not work, it is up to each of us to manage our needs and limitations, not go to the  TV and demand even more from the Taxpayer or business due  a failure here and there. Others  speak of having to change a nappy of their much older disabled child on  the WC floor. It is not nice, but I would not take my child out to that location, handicapped or not, if there was no facility for changing.  Handicapped parents should know how to plan ahead for such matters. Call to find out what is available, or have some disposable polythene sheet they bring with them  if there is no facility suitable for their child,  OR do not go to that venue. As a handicapped person there will be some limitations to their lifestyle for society cannot fulfil EVERY need or request as it eventually becomes onerous and unreasonable to the Public purse.  I say again, the UK  is trillions in debt. society, business owners, the taxpayer is not a bottomless pit of money. I speak as an ex nurse having nursed the handicapped and  as an employee working for small business where every penny counted and  every new  government law passed for the disabled could see  your business may fail or be unsustainable. Some years ago,  the NHS and Government got into trouble because   a dying teenage child  was refused a £70’000  drug that may have prolonged her life for 3 more weeks. But again, the NHS and Taxpayer is not a bottomless pit of money and  this type of request is not sustainable. Not if we want other options for the sick who for the same £70’000  we may prolong 3 young lives 5 years for instance. There must be limitations to our expectations and this excessive “social” minded “politically correct”  “care” for all and every situation is naïve and dangerous. It is not  our generation we will compromise but the next generation, for if we overspend they will  have no NHS, no  homes or free school education and no cushion of benefits when they  hit hard times.  I think we do not realise how lucky we are at present, having free healthcare, free primary and secondary  education, and basic benefits for most people when not in work. Increased abuse and excessive demand for more and more from the disabled,  the immigrants or the British Born will mean there  will be nothing for anyone soon.


36)  Revision of Workplace Pensions: We could maintain  the Pensions contribution  payment compulsory for staff, OR by a greater payment by employees via the Government NI system,  but NOT  for Small Businesses to pay the equivalent of their   staff own investment payment. Small business profit margin  is often much less than large institutions, particularly early on. The staff turnover may be  high and this causes  excessive administration and extra cost to an already  hardworking sector of the society which we also want to assist in its growth. We already hear that some of these Pension schemes may even be unreliable/unsustainable and both staff and business may lose their money. Small business cannot afford the time for the admin, nor the extra  money. As an example my sister has a  Pub and gets little sleep because she works such long hours, her little  time off is usually the admin.  Pub staff often do not stay long employed and move on. I worked for several small businesses and this extra cost would not be been helpful to their turnover.  It will hinder  many start up businesses. Perhaps make it compulsory for a business to offer a staff  Pension after 10 years trading, and/or  after 2 years employment of each staff member.   It is another financial and time burden on a small business. Large Corporations  perhaps could afford it,   but even Public services like nurses, doctors, council workers,  the Employers payment is coming from the Taxpayer and sometimes offer onerous (to the Taxpayer) final salary pensions  anyway. Some Councils lost, or nearly lost their employees’ Pension payments  when a particular Iceland Savings Account collapsed. I believe the Government bailed  these Councils out, so the Taxpayer lost twice over. In any case, the Taxpayer cannot afford  this extra cost. As an alternative  let there be  a compulsory increased NI Pension stamp, which the employee  can change  annually as they desire, there  being a compulsory minimum payment. This should  be for small business and  public services, or any other employer. The Compulsory Payment of Workplace Pension contribution should  be for ONLY for the large Corporations who wish to enhance their employee benefit package.

37)  To Ease the Home Crisis: Buy  to Let  Mortgages should be restricted to 1  house per person, i.e.  One person can have a maximum of 2 homes, either two  “buy to let” or one on Residential  Home status and the second on a Buy to Let. The second home as a form of pension saving later in life, capital gains on the second home to be removed by a new Law as it is a means of providing for each person’s future pension.  Alternatively, or until these new rules are in place, a Buy to Let Property returning to the market place should be on the market for 1 year before a Buy to Let purchaser  is allowed to Bid for it unless there is no interest from first time buyers. A Couple can have 4 homes between the 2 of them. If they separate, the partner cannot by default retain the other 2 homes. They must be passed to the leaving partner or sold so that they are available to the market again and no person can exceed more than 2 homes. A builder only can have more than 2 homes providing the  additional homes are  sold off once built.  When trying to buy a property in the first time buyer  range I was always being trumped by  investors. We do not stand a chance. Due to the 300’000 or so immigrants that arrive net each year, only  those with British passport can purchase Properties under  £300’00 to £500’000. And all new homes and homes under £300.000 to be purchased  by British Born citizens only. As previously mentioned, we should also introduce a law or Passport Criteria that immigrants CANNOT  obtain a Passport after only 5 years residence. Freeze all passports for new EU immigrant arriving since June 2016 for the moment. EU  Immigrants can only purchase a property for properties over £500’000  and not purchase  as a “Buy To Let”. The 2017 proposed Agenda for Newly built Homes can only  be accessible for British BORN Passport  holders. What is the point of trying to ease our house crisis if most of the homes go to newly arrived  EU citizens? I know of someone who has recently had a neighbour from Lithuania or Latvia  purchase a house next door and put a room in the loft also.  How is it that someone from that poor area of the world  can afford and obtain it  but our own nationals cannot?  It’s a lot of money to raise if one is not a professional, even a doctor cannot necessarily get a mortgage, how do  a family of Lithuanians/Latvians?  The British can be very  naïve, being compassionate and doing the right things themselves while others use their wits and by-pass the system.   Prices are rising so that our own young couples cannot purchase a home. With 300’000 new immigrants each year we have to restrict access to house purchase, or we will be full of immigrants who may not necessarily be playing fair and no homes for our own people . Building companies want as much return as possible on their land so they only want 10% of affordable homes. Society is changing and will change. We have many singe parents and we need to encourage the poorer in society to have either no children or 1 child.

38)  We also need smaller homes or studios for the increasing elderly population to live alone and single parent or smaller families but in closer access to each other so that carers can be appointed for that area with less travel and GPs can provide end of life care better in these homes rather than in hospital. So let building consents be for substantial amount of  1 bedroom and studio properties for the young and elderly and less 2 bedrooms upwards. Be this on green land or brown land sites. Overseas investors/immigrants will not be allowed to buy properties under £500’000 or even £1million properties.

39)  To complement the  above new studio and one bedroom homes and help resolve the Elderly care crisis, let there be a new Practical Nursing Course monitored by the Nursing and midwifery Board (currently  community care assistants are trained by the agencies) so that they are on a register, and can be monitored and receive better training, both of which may reduce abuse:   2 levels or care assistant  nursing training. 1st level for Care Assistants for more basic care  and 2nd level  Nursing Assistants  for those needing greater care at home, injections, dressing etc. so that elderly patients can be monitored at home with the assistance of GP and the 2nd level Nursing Assistants. 2nd Level assistants could also be utilised full time  in hospitals if required. Similar to the SEN of the 80’s,  but a 1 year course only (or less, maybe 3 to 6 months) and trained in hospitals and paid while training and working. The  1st Level Care Assistants could be trained on a patient site  by the 2nd level nurses with some day release training days in hospitals or Care Homes.  Those wanting to enter fully qualified Nursing to take a degree could take the 3 month to 1 year  course to get receive the majority of their practical experience and then then take the Nursing Degree where they are taught the more technical aspects of nursing on the practical release weeks (which currently does not seem very many weeks)  and the more extensive  theory and technical training and management. Nurses say there is no time for “care”, but if Nurses who  wish to “care” then they stay  in the shorter course and if they wish it to be in a progressive  career then they go forward for the degree.  They could start at a salary of £14’000 rising  per year to £21’000 which is the starting salary for a qualified nurse. This way we can quickly increase the numbers of practical nurses in hospitals and care homes and fairly quickly dispense with reliance  EU and other  Nurses. It is fairly well know that some Auxiliary nurses are better than trained Degree types.  A combination of Specialised GP, 1st and 2 level Nursing care assistants can cover an “area” where these  studio or one bedroom homes are built, they will be dealing with the elderly and also the young couples and single mothers/fathers. Or couples with one child. Perhaps the 1 bedroom will have facility for  the reception to be cordoned off in some way for the parents so they have a large reception and small bedroom  for the child, that they could also possibly have a bunk bed in it if of the same sex or while the second child is young. ALTERNATIVELY A simple apprenticeship based in hospitals of 3 months to 1 year for those on Jobseeekers who can also keep their benefits while training and possibly beyond training. Similar to auxillary nurse  but leading to a further 1 year training to achieve practical nursing experience in care homes and GP surgery and also to go to schools to advise on weight, diet etc or those referred due to overweight.They get a certificate for Practical care similar to the old SEN but less technical. This will release more care workers for the elderly in community and experienced practical nurses for hospitals and care homes. Monitored by the Nursing board.


40)  We should make it compulsory  that those on Jobseekers Allowance should work on the fruit and other farms as and when required if they have not found any other job plus factory work, care work. However, they can still keep their Jobseekers Allowance.  If they fail to turn up  for longer than 1 x 3 day period due to illness, or 3 separate days in a 3 month period of farm work,  unless they have a doctors letter they will permanently lose their Jobseekers allowance. We should aim for this instead of importing EU workers. We have 65 million population, surely we do not need another nation to assist in something so basic. This idea could also be extended to other low paid jobs that are hard to fill like carers, children’s nursery workers, factory workers. They would be taxed when over the relevant tax rate. This will begin to lead towards the idea of a basic rate for all people which they can then supplement without losing their jobseekers or their  council tax benefit.  It will get some of the English to start working also. Perhaps all those working in the 1st level care industry should be offered this so that we begin to resolve the problem of the large elderly population. All Apprenticeships should be for British Born citizens only.


41)  Ban Dogs in Cities/Towns and/or Compulsory Dog Licence of £500.00 which includes the cost  of registering the DNA and a silver name tag on the dog collar that can be scanned by dog inspectors (perhaps an extension of traffic warden duties) or Police. This tag and license by Law  to be purchased BEFORE a Dog is sold or passed on the a new owner. Plus the retail outlets to provide a collection stick with sealed pot and disposable gloves that can be purchased from Boots, Vets and Supermarkets that the Public can take a sample of Dogs faeces on the street and it can be sent or delivered to any Vets outlet for DNA testing and the culprit found via the DNA and Licence register. With uncollected dogs mess either  “zero tolerance” is used and the dog is taken away and  put down, or a £1000.00 fine for 1st offence and the 2nd offence the  dog is removed and put down. If there is no silver name tag the dog is removed and put down. Though this may be hard to implement,  it may gradually be an deterrent and if neighbours see a dog without a name tag then they can report them to a nearby warden or Police or to the council if they know where they live.    I was brought up on a farm and I know this sounds harsh but when farming one has to be tough on certain matters.  There is significant health risk from dogs and dogs faeces and even when there are “NO DOG” signs up in children’s play parks or similar, dog owners deem it suitable to ignore this. On ALL 10 occasions that I respectfully pointed out  to these dog owners that  it said “No Dogs”,  they were  rude  and arrogant and refused to leave, except 2 who left reluctantly and with quite a lot to say.  9 of these were not British. Statistic’s say that 40% of households have pets and  a quarter of this 40%  are dogs, so this is 10% of UK households with dogs. It is therefore a  MINORITY of our population  that are allowed to significantly foul our roads and parks,  impervious to the health of our Children and to the general health of the public and appearance of our road. It also smells.  I would estimate that about 1 % of dog owners clear up after their dog. When I was much younger, I have accidentally laid  in  dogs faeces when in a Park, stepped in it on a  pavement and then having to discard that pair of shoes. I seen it in the most inconsiderate places, such as through a narrow area on the pavement where there was paving/road works, a narrow  pathway alongside a school and  inbetween barriers to stop cars passing through and significantly narrows the area one can walk.  In my block, (which has covered walkways) dogs urine is at the pillars and near the lift and sometime puddles over a 6 ft length of the walkway, puddles immediately outside neighbour doors and on their outside mats, faeces near the lift entrance area and along the walkways. I have seen dog owners impervious of what their dogs are doing. There should also be improved dog collection packs with instructions on how to keep dogs  on a tight leash until they reach a suitable place to defecate or urinate. Improved collection packs to include small sand and shovel disposable packs with small brush, with disposable gloves, with large  antibacterial wipe, to use when the dog has a loose faeces, and with the black doggie collection bags for normal faeces  to include disposable gloves and an antibacterial to wipe the area, be it on the grass or pavement after removing the  faeces. I have seen dog owner collect dogs mess in a grassy park and later a young woman come and sit in exactly that place in a summer dress.  I have also had  aggressive dogs in a small park area saying No Dogs suddenly rush out at me as I walked by snapping at me. The owner did not apologise and did not leave the area eve when I pointed out it said No Dogs..  Another time I was in a Park where dogs were allowed, but it ran at me from about 30 metres away snapping and jumping up to shoulder height. I was doing nothing except walking. If dog owners had the possibility of  being reported (for there were park police in one of these incidents) and checked for the name plate being present  and the dog  being removed  and being put down then this will assist the normal law abiding citizen. Compassion to dog owners  who allow any of the above is  misplaced and too Politically Correct, overriding common sense health risks  for the MAJORITY of  society.

42)   NHS Tourism. We have to be tougher on this issue for as with many issues in modern life the ordinary working man is paying for those who pay nothing and are not part of the system and if we allow it to continue the British population will not have any safeguards either. We must make it compulsory that no person can travel to the UK without medical insurance and they will not be allowed to purchase a ticket  or enter the UK without presentation of valid travel insurance. They must present this upon going to a doctor or hospital here. If they do not have it they will not be treated, but the idea is they will be not able to book a ticket or board a lane  without the insurance for as well as providing their Passport  details they must Provide medical insurance details also.

43)  Is it time to have some sort of short  day centre Compulsory/Voluntary  Military Service? Not in preparation for war but to instil a sense of self disciple and honour in young people.The youth have become very disjointed in society and life because many come from broken homes, or  parents who have no time for them because they are either working every waking hour, or drunk and on drugs. Often when partners break up the children have a lifetime of verbal  abuse and manipulation  and shipped from one place to another, for “parental rights” and having to deal with the emotional verbal attacks by jealous parents or of their new spouses/partners, I dread to think how those children are coping being brought up in same sex homes.  Children  are often not brought up by their parents but the “childrens groups” they are sent to so parents can go to work to pay the bills. Some are from a different culture and are taught to hate the UK due to its Foreign Policy or of a different faith. They are made to dress a particular way that makes them different and open to bullying.  In Ireland that had to bring schools together first to assist the “troubles” now we encourage faith schools dividing children and later societies further.  Perhaps all those young people who do not go on to further education, or fail badly, particularly the boys, should have a compulsory 1 to 3 months at a day centre run by all the military groups, perhaps some new or old recruits could take part of it as a voluntary option as part of their training. Getting attendees  dress and present themselves, personal hygiene, marching, how to do basic cooking, and cooking to survive. Group exercise. What Britain is and basic political set up, its history and what it stands for now. Their future part in that. Staying away from drugs and drink, getting married  and having children too soon where they lose control of their life, and having other  a goals in life, being aware of their own value, and whatever abuse or similar they may have experienced in life, it does not have to be that way now. They have control. Standing up for themselves. What honour and self respect is. At this point too perhaps Personal and Career Counselling should be included. Perhaps those who are older and on benefit can take part but again they do not get paid other than the nominal travel  cost,  but they  keep their benefits. Perhaps some sort or passing out parade, to include a live  band. To suggest that until  they find work then do voluntary work, and/or take some sort of evening or other class and to always be building on their skills, to speak clearly and being polite and willing takes them further than a degree sometimes.

44)  Schools Must Weigh Children  Annually & Identify Overweight Tendency as soon as 1 stone overweight And Parents Be Referred To The GP/ Or some Fitness Health Centre And The Parent AND Child Given Advice by the GP Surgery Nurse/ Teacher/Or Fitness Centre on Diet and Exercise And Dental Hygiene. A child is teased and bullied for being overweight, it can lead to diabetes and other health issues and it is very hard to change a lifestyle once established from childhood. I have seen parents place huge quantities on a child plate, with pasta and bread that are fattening and do not fill. I even saw a TV programme of a man waiting for a stomach bypass operation filling himself  with sandwiches.  This is a costly operation and has its dangers, why at that stage had no one taught him that eating such food does not really “fill” us for long?  We cannot be feeding all children at schools we need to stop encouraging immature citizens of all nationalities’ conceiving children when they cannot afford them and have no job or partner and those that “believe” God has commanded certain things about family and contraception which encourages lack of family planning even when in poverty. This can all be done with education at secondary school age and direct discussion with the Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury with biblical verses I can provide.  This will also have a knock on affect on the Muslim community as explained earlier in this document. I am speaking of complete revolution of thinking in these 2 religions at least that will end even the division of nations eventually, by use of the Scriptures themselves.    See Point 46 Turning the Tide Terrorism by 10 Facts of Faith.


45)  Israel/Palestine Problem. I find it strange that so many people are "anti israel" or "anti semitic" (anti jewish) yet probably know very little about the Jews, except that they should be hated. Nor do they know why the Israel claims that land. Provide an agreed history worldwide of the Jews.  similar but better to that on the “Baseline Story” on Page 2 of the website www.ACertainMyth.com  followed  by  something to include  the following.

Some hate the Jews because of the recent bombings by Israel over Gaza.  But the Palestinian government is divided and one half  is Hamas,  generally considered a terrorist organisation. Over the years they with the Palestinian people (who are or Arabic origin and Muslim), would go into Jewish Cafe's and Restaurants and shoot or bomb Israelis, they would get on buses and do the same. Eventually the Jews put up this great wall to keep  such terrorists out of the Jewish territories. After the wall was erected the Palestinians  then tunnelled under it,  or sent rockets over to Israel to kill  Jews. If they stopped doing these things maybe Israel would  not even start  bombing    Gaza and  perhaps eventually stop  the building of settlements if they thought the Arabs sincerely  intended peace.  But the Arab states have  always  openly stated that Israel has no right to exist  and for  over a century  now of trying to find a safe place in Israel without success, 2 include two  wars (1967/72) instigated by the Middle Eastern Muslim nations, what are they supposed to do?


People say that the Jews keep building homes  illegally on land of the Palestinians. They say by doing this they interfere with the possibility of bringing peace in Israel for a "2 state solution" where Israel governs one area and the Palestinian authority and/or Hamas another.  This idea is even brought to the United Nations (UN) by the Palestinian’s with quite a lot of support from some nations. To an extent this “2 state solution” has already shown  it  is unlikely to work. In past decades the Palestinians used to be more integrated with Israel as previously said, and the terrorist attacks would occur, so why would Israelis feel safe allowing Palestinian’s to  re-establish themselves  to walk freely again in all of Israel again? Particularly when one part of the Palestinian Government is an  recognised terrorist group anyway.


So then Palestinian  people say that the Israelis took the land from them in 1948  when Israel was established once again with the agreement from the UN.  This was done following the end of World War 2 when the Holocaust occurred and Hitler was trying to destroy them completely,  6 million JEWS…PEOPLE..were gassed and burnt, though some deny this ever occurred.   Prior to this, throughout the centuries since 70AD/CE the Romans (in the times of the Roman Empire) destroyed Jerusalem and their “Temple” and carried them all off to Rome (Italy) as prisoners. Since then the land of Israel has been occupied by Arabs and ruled by various nations. As time passed  since 70AD , the Jews  went from place to place to settle in the European world,  East and West, and other parts of the world also.  Often  after a while they  were perceived to be a threat by their host nation,  and they would be restricted in making a living and/or  live  in cordoned off Ghettos in a city.  If life became very bad or they were ordered by the authorities to leave a nation,  they would move en masse to another nation for safety. The Spanish Inquisition was a very well known attack on them within a society they had tried to settle.


So Jews are basically without ANY homeland if they do not have access to the land of Israel, and they were taken from that land by force by the Romans. So for 2000 years they have  tried to make a life in several nations but every time they have  become hated or perceived a threat and had to move on. The EU and other immigrants in the UK complain about not feeling welcome after Brexit, yet they have another land to go to  of their own  if a society became unbearable or violent  against them, the Jews for at least nearly 2000 years have  had no land at all to go to, relying on the goodwill of some new nation or nations.


If we then go to the earlier  history of Jews or Israelis according to the Old Testament in the Bible. They were all the descendants of Abraham, who was Syrian with probably a Syrian wife, who had Isaac by his wife,  and Ishmael with his wife’s Egyptian  maid. Ishmael had 12 sons and the descendants of these  are supposedly all the Arab nations in the Middle East.   Isaac  had twins, Esau and Jacob. Jacob (who was later renamed “Israel” by God) had  12 sons whose descendants became  the “12 tribes of Israel”, of which the Jews (Tribe of Judah)  are the only ones left and known to the world. According to the Bible, Esau   married the sister of  Ishmaels eldest son (Genesis 25:13/28:9). So this means that all the Middle Eastern nations and Israel  are also  distant relatives. Also in Abrahams time the land of Canaan (now called Israel)  was “given” to Abraham (Genesis 15). Abraham was Syrian (Deuteronomy 26:2-9) and God supposedly gave this land to Abraham for “his” (God’s)  people the Israelites, of which only the Jews remain. 


So my query is, why, when the Arabic nations have SO much land, and the Jews, seem to be their distant relatives, why they begrudge them this small amount of land called Israel? Particularly when they have been homeless and abused for centuries?  The Arabs have a massive amount of all the oil rich land, yet want this little patch of land the Jews actually NEED  as well. The Jews have NO other land, and on top of that they are relatives of sorts.  The Palestinians  originally come from the other neighbouring Middle Eastern states following the forced removal of the Jews  in 70AD.  The Arabs and could easily be absorbed into these other nations, OR stay in Israel but some sort of agreement,  but without this unjust  aggression. The Jews are people just as much as the Palestinians. Yet even  internationally some parties to the  UN and others do not support Israel and allow anti semetic  actions, or boycotts.  Find this very strange, yet we live in the “Politically Correct” world which does not always allow common sense.


Twice since 1948  the Middle East  states have attacked Israel in order to remove them from the world basically, as did Hitler wish to do the same.  On both occasions the Middle East  lost the battles and more   land. Yet despite this attack  Israel gave up  the  Sinai desert  to Egypt,  that the Jews  had captured  during these wars, in exchange for peace. The also offered to give up the Golan Heights which Israel had captured from Syria, and which is the  mountainous area that  overlooks Galilee in Israel.  At times the Syrians would send shells or shoot or similar from the Golan heights  over to  Galilee and  killed the Israelis. So although Egypt accepted the Sinai desert in exchange for peace,  and this peace still remains, the Syrians and Arab states said and decided  the following with regard to a similar offer for the Golan Heights. The Khartoum Resolution of 1 September 1967 was issued at the conclusion of 1967 Arab League summit convened in the wake of the Six-Day War, in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. The summit lasted from 29 August to 1 September and was attended by eight Arab heads of state: Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iraq, Algeria, Kuwait, and Sudan.[1] The resolution called for: a continued state of belligerency with Israel, ending the Arab oil boycott declared during the Six-Day War, an end to the North Yemen Civil War, and economic assistance for Egypt and Jordan. It is famous for containing (in the third paragraph) what became known as the "Three No's": "no peace with Israel, no recognition of Israel, no negotiations with it.     So bearing in mind all this basic facts, why would  Israel trust the Middle East for any deal with the Palestinians? The whole of the Middle East has declared they want them obliterated.  I would not trust any sort of deal with the Arab States would be honoured. Would you?  No one would if they really thought about it. Much of the  trouble is also very ancient hostility.  


Obviously there is this problem of Israel always building on what Palestinian’s consider their land, but having once allowed Palestinian’s  closer access to their Jewish areas and dwellings,  terrorist attacks kept occurring.  So knowing the overall declared intent of the Middle East is to remove Israel and its people off the face of the earth, I am very surprised that the UN and  other nations do not support Israel more than they do. Particularly when terrorist activity is so prevalent around the world, and we know what it is like now having suffered terrorist attacks.  


The irony is also that  the Middle East  refuse to take in refugees, even of their own people or religion in this Syrian crisis,  yet both the Syrians and the Middle East expect the West to do so.  Nor do the refugees flee to these Shia or Sunni nations of Saudi Arabia or Iran, which are nearer to them than the West. This I find very strange. The Qur’an advocates immigration and also to make the Muslim faith prevalent over all other faiths, so maybe we are being  very naïve in our great “kindness” to refugees, for there  IS an ulterior motive we do not fully appreciate. They trust in God when taking to the high seas or similar, even as I trusted  God when I refused certain medication and nearly died several times and prolonging my ill health for some years. Only now can I see how inconsistent these Holy Books are and how dangerous they are to society. We do not need to deny there is a God altogether which could be damaging to society, we just need to clarify early on in a child’s life, and others older,  the verses that contradict the current understanding of both Muslim and Christian Faiths, so that we “balance” the verses correctly just by having knowledge of them. These books are very “thick” it takes a lifetime to go through them to eventually find the following few verses that disable all the dangerous verses. The following  should be made known worldwide.


45)Westminster Terror. Turning the Tide of Faith & Terrorism By 10 Facts of Faith (See also You Tube Link https://youtu.be/nnNTHnYGKSo)

1)      The Qur’an (Surah 4:136)  instructs  believers to read the scriptures from  aforetime, which is the Bible. Muslims are therefore  instructed to read the Bible Surah 4 136  O ye who believe! Believe in Allah and His messenger and the Scripture which He hath revealed unto His messenger, and the Scripture which He revealed aforetime. Whoso disbelieveth in Allah and His angels and His 30scriptures and His messengers and the Last Day, he verily hath wandered far astray.

2)     The Qur’an  (Surah 4: 151-152)  instructs  believers to honour and believe ALL the Prophets of God which by default also  means  ALL  those in the Bible, including Jesus . All believer’s should therefore know IT IS WRITTEN in these books that are   accepted as “Holy Books”  by their various  believers, instructs us to read BOTH the Qur’an AND the Bible. The Qur’an refers us  back to the Prophets AND the Words of the Bible. We should NOT believe just one Prophet. Surah 4:151-152  Lo! those who disbelieve in Allah and His messengers, and seek to make distinction between Allah and His messengers, and say: We believe in some and disbelieve in others, and seek to choose a way in between; 151. Such are disbelievers in truth; and for disbelievers We prepare a shameful doom.152. But those who believe in Allah and His messengers and make no distinction between any of them, unto them Allah will give their wages; and Allah was ever Forgiving, Merciful.

3)      The Qur’an  instructs us to OBEY  Jesus and that he was given  the Scripture and Gospel by God (Surah 3:  48, 50) . 48. And He will teach him the Scripture and wisdom, and the Torah and the Gospel  50. And (I come) confirming that which was before me of the Torah, and to make lawful some of that which was forbidden unto you. I come unto you with a sign from your Lord, so keep your duty to Allah and obey me

4)     The Qur’an agrees  that Jesus was miraculously conceived in Mary by the spoken word and power of God (Surah 3: 47-51)  She said: My Lord! How can I have a child when no mortal hath touched me? He said: So (it will be). Allah createth what He will. if He decreeth a thing, He saith unto it only: Be! and it is. The Bible also agrees with this but in different words.

5)     As the Qur’an agrees Jesus was miraculously conceived then any doctor or nurse will confirm  that every  embryo  needs 23 Chromosomes from the Mother, and 23 Chromosomes from the Father, and by these they take on the characteristics of both the Father and Mother.  Mary of the Bible and Qur’an had not “known”  a man, i.e  she was a virgin still, or in other words, Jesus was not conceived by a man  in the usual manner,  but by God’s power. So we are obliged to conclude that  God’s power provided the male 23 Chromosome’s for Jesus and he is therefore the “Son” of God.

6)     The Qur’an then  contradicts itself  in Surah 10: 68. They say: Allah hath taken (unto Him) a son. Glorified be He! He hath no needs! His is all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth. Ye have no warrant for this. The Bible also contradicts itself,  if a book has contradictions it is not the “perfect” word of God and cannot be followed radically and exactly. This applies to the Bible and the Qur’an. This is why we have terrorism and other radical errors. People try and “follow” the commands in these books  it “perfectly”, but the books themselves are not perfect and have contradictions in them.

7)     The Bible  does NOT agree that Jesus is God as well as the Son of God ( John 20:16-17) Mary. She turned herself, and saith unto him, Rabboni; which is to say, Master. 17Jesus saith unto her, Touch me not; for I am not yet ascended to my Father: but go to my brethren, and say unto them, I ascend unto my Father, and your Father; and to my God, and your God). Jesus could not say this if he was God as well.  The Bible does not support this concept, it also does not support “Mary being the Mother of God” which is not in the Bible AT ALL and is a contrived Catholic teaching.

8)     The Bible does NOT support  God as being a “Trinity” (nor does the Qur’an), please go to www.ACertainMyth.com  pages 157-159 FREE  to download on line and/or www.BaselineFactsAboutGod.co.uk.  In brief, it says in  John 5:6-8 ;  This is he that came by water and blood, even Jesus Christ; not by water only, but by water and blood. And it is the Spirit that beareth witness, because the Spirit is truth. 7For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one. 8And there are three that bear witness in earth, the Spirit, and the water, and the blood: and these three agree in one.  The words underlined are words not found in manuscripts until the 14th century and are therefore likely to have been  illegally added in order to support the “trinity” teaching. In 325 AD in the Council of Nicaea  (a gathering of Bishops to discuss  the issues)  there was much dispute about the Trinity concept and whether Jesus was “divine” or not, as in actually being “God” as well as being  the Son. There were disputes about  who the Holy Spirit was also.  The Church divided into East and West and Orthodox and Catholic over this issue. 

9)     Most UK churches teach that Jesus is the Son of God and God as well,  and that God is 3 in 1. The Bible does not  clearly say this  and after 60 years,  I can guarantee that these are errors taught by Christian leaders. In the same way that all  Mosques teach that the Qur’an does not support that  Jesus was the Son of God and that we should only “follow” the one Prophet of the Qur’an, the Qur’an does not say this either,  the Muslim leaders may say it but it is an error. These teachings are not supported by these books.

10)  The terrorism occurs because most “believers”  do not know ALL the words in the Bible and Qur’an and are victims of their own lack of knowledge, and take  victims with them. They   try to follow “perfectly” the commands in  books that are not perfect, but contradict themselves.  The one true message of God is this (www.TheOneTrueMessageOfGod.com). God is a power and from this “power” He “spoke” and by His power and the “Word” he spoke, Mary was conceived by miraculous means. The Bible and Qur’an agree to this. Jesus was born and he was the Son of God  and the Son of Mary.  His humanity was from Mary (her 23 chromosomes), and his divinity was from God’s power (the other 23 Chromosomes normally provided by a man)  that conceived Him.  Jesus lived as man  until he was baptised with water by John the Baptist, but he was also baptised at that moment by God’s spirit of power, which is  the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit. This is God’s spirit, God himself , entered into Jesus  and was with him to do the miraculous, healings, deliverance, walking on water etc.  He had God’s power living IN him but he was not God, but the only BORN Son of God.  The “gospel” is that we believe Jesus is God’s miraculously born Son and the “words” Jesus spoke while on earth. These “words”  tells us how to receive eternal life or “paradise”.  When we believe the “words”  Jesus spoke, because “words” are also “spirit”, this is God’s “spirit” then entering INTO  us and we then become sons and daughters of God  as Jesus is, when we “believe” the “words” in the Gospels, which are in the Bible. We are “born” of  the “spirit” for we believe the “words” Jesus  spoke and  we act upon them. We are like Jesus and Jesus is like God, for we  all have God’s power and Spirit   IN us WHEN we believe his words.  His words are about healing others as Jesus did, for Gods spirit is meant to be with us as He  was with Jesus. We are meant to walk in the miraculous and to understand that “love is the fulfilling of the (religious) law” and that “love does no harm to its neighbour”.  There is no longer meant to be religious laws of  special dress, hair length, special diet or circumcision, special days of worship. This is all finished now, we are free.  Male and female are also equal.  We are not meant to riot or get drunk,  committing adultery or fornication (sex without marriage), murder, steal, or lie.


Conclusion:  So we are all at fault in our teachings, Muslims and Christians,  and I appeal to the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope to declare the Christian  errors, so that the Muslims may also declare the Muslim  errors of teaching. This is the only way religious terrorism will permanently cease, for ALL of our Faith leaders are teaching their followers error in some form. Most of us will not have read both the Qur’an and Bible sufficiently AND have enough experience of life, until we are 60 perhaps, to discern these 10 Facts of Faith and the errors of our belief.  By then it is too late,  for we will have lived life in a particular way, believing passionately certain things, to then find we were wrong.  In the meantime we may have  murdered others, given all our money away, refused medication for ourselves or our children and died (I have seen this) all in the belief that we were doing Gods will.  Governments and society must wake up to the power of belief and set it in order so that such errors and further  waste and loss  of life does not occur. Human Rights laws protect our right to “believe” as we wish, but they also protect these errors that incite murder and perpetrate  these beliefs and hinder the maturity of society. As a radical Christian believer  at one time, I confirm that we waste much time with our heads in these  ancient books, when we could be learning other things more beneficial to society and our own life. I am not saying there is no God, I am saying we must establish what the obvious errors are, so that our children can be aware of these early on in life and not fall into the “radical trap”,   where we become “locked in” to a set of words that we  believe are TOTALLY  true.  At that point  very little will move us from that belief unless we are given clear evidence of the imperfections of these “Holy” Books from the outset. Forewarned is forearmed and this is VERY applicable in the area of belief and potential terrorism. Basic though these sites are, please see www.BaselineFactsAboutGod.co.uk & www.TheOneTrueMessageOfGod.com .


Terrorism Equals Lack of Knowledge.


Terrorists Are Victims of Their Own Lack Knowledge of The Qur’an And Bible   and Die In Vain


 Turn the Tide of Faith & Terrorism  By These  10 Facts of Faith





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