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PETITION To Establish The One True Message of God


You will do more to assist the  war refugees and world peace by signing the 2  Petition's for supporting President Assad and Establishing the One True Message of God than any other action, for we will be going to the SOURCE  of  mankinds current problems. Correcting what we believe and the actions that stem from our INCORRECT and INCOMPLETE beliefs through lack of knowledge of ALL the Words of God,  IF indeed there is a God and there really are "words" of God to us in these books, or if they are just words of men. I do believe there is a God having experienced his "power" in 1988, but we DO have to get the "message" right. I have been greatly hindered and misled in my 60 years of life on this "Message of God" hence the book A Certain Myth oR iS iT tRUE. This IS the TRUE message of God, or the  nearest to it, IF there is one to be found in the Bible (which contains the Torah) and the  Qur'an.

The Petition for the One True Message of God is to confirm to the UK government and to the world governments the numbers that have read  A Certain Myth oR iS iT tRUE (FREE to read and download on - line)  and who  agree that it should perhaps be improved in presentation and then promoted and adopted worldwide as the basis for the  One True Message of God, or as near to it that we have at present. This is in order to abolish the  religious wars and terrorism which occurs from lack of knowledge and history of the full message and words of God.  Most “believers” do not read the Bible and Qur'an in full and most do not read BOTH books and this takes a long  time anyway.  A Certain Myth has been written by someone who has read the Bible & Qur'an  and provides the OVERALL message of God having read both books (over period of 60 years) and providing the relevant supporting scriptures and that can be read in 1- 3 hours.  Sections of Bible (which contains the Torah)  and the  Qur'an can be viewed on the side pages of the Home Page heading  on this website.

Leaders and preachers of these books also add other words that are not supported by these books but are just words and  various  messages of mens thoughts and ideas and this misleads us and also causes division and war. A Certain Myth is without these errors, it has basic illustrations and is unique.


A  Certain Myth oR iS iT tRUE  takes 1 - 3 hours to read and it is best done all at once so that you understand the overall message QUICKLY.  If you agree that we should use this book as the basis for the One True Message of God  based on the Bible and Qur'an please click on the www.change.org link below to sign the petition so that we can influence ALL the governments of the world to give access to the message of God on-line and perhaps improve the presentation of it.   I ask this of "unbelievers" as well as "believers" in God, to read it and even if you still cannot believe there  is a God, please sign anyway for you  will be just be  confirming that you have read the book and agree  the continuity and possibilty that IF there is message from God, that this  is  most likely to be the correct interpretation of it based on the Bible and Qur'an to the extent you are familar with these texts, which may be very little or none. I am familiar with them however and have tested them and can sincerely guarantee there is no other way  these  books can be interpreted that makes sense. For they both have contradictions in them and they contradict each other. Neither book will " add up"  to a clear message due to the inperfections in them. I have spent 60 years trying to make them "add up" to a concise message, they never will, but there is an OVERALL  message, without the errors, we should ALL now reconsider. This message is in A Certain Myth oR iS iT tRUE.

Please consider this request and make an effort to read and consider it and SIGN the Petition's. If we have Millions of signatures we may actually resolve  ALL the religious wars, the terrorism, the female circumcision, the honour killings, the dispute about dress code, beard length, destruction of Temples, special days of worship, special diet etc. These are of the Torah, OR  the Shariah Law directives not given when the Prophet was under the "inspiration" of God, but from the Hadiths. Even some Islamic teachers conclude that these are not as reliable as the Qur'an and there are different interpretations to them. We see already in IS (Islamic State) and terrorism generally, how when Shariah Law  and the Qur'an WITHOUT  the Scriptures from "aforetime" (which is the Bible and includes the Torah & Prophets) when taken to the extreme, they bring an horrific outcome and these teachings CANNOT  be correct. Surah 4:136 below also says  we should believe his "messengers" meaning 2 or more, not just one messenger which the Muslim leaders teach, meaning the Prophet of the Qur'an, the Qur'an does not say this.

Surah 4.136. O ye who believe! Believe in Allah and His messenger and the Scripture which He hath revealed unto His messenger, and the Scripture which He revealed aforetime. Whoso disbelieveth in Allah and His angels and His scriptures and His messengers and the Last Day, he verily hath wandered far astray.

In addition to the above errors of understanding we  may bring about the abolition of much of the Catholic directives about contraception and other abnomolies and errors like celebate priests that end up abusing children. There is nothing  in the Bible that states that ministers of God must not have wives. It should also be considered that  Pope Benedict who  "retired" rather than stay in his position until his death, AND the current Pope Francis  is also talking of retiring at some point when he so desires. This indicates a "change" of thinking on their  "status" as to their position as a "literal" representation of God or Christ on Earth. If they have changed the directives  for themselves and relieving themselves of these  man made directives, the people/followers should also be relieved of similar directives. Such as that contraception is not allowed, this  causes poverty for children and mankind throughout the world. Let each woman be free   to make their own decision and the third world and other parts of the world be provided with the contraceptive options freely without interference from the church or  any faith teacher of any denomination or faith, for the Bible and Qur'an do not deal with it. I have trained as a nurse and  there is contraception that interrupts the  "conception" before it becomes a viable embyro and here is no moral harm  in using these.  Due to the extreme poverty of some throughout the world due to large families which are often left for the Mothers to bring up the children alone, there is a case that it is immoral NOT to allow contraception.

If we establish what the One True Message of God is,  with the  universal reading of  A Certain Myth.. oR iS iT tRUE we may also stop the financial abuse of some  evangelical and other churches that manipulate the "word" of God so that people give out of their poverty to those that are richer than they. 

The reason I say all this is because we ALL need to realise that when  the Messiah arrived, IF it WAS Jesus Christ, then he has fulfilled  ALL religious laws and set us ALL free from them. Now  it is "love is the fulfillment of the law" as already discussed on this site and proved  by scripture in A Certain Myth oR iS iT tRUE. This also includes special days of worship  and there is now no need to dispute among ourselves about them, nor whether we should work on these days or not,  for we can. It does not matter as long as we are  clear in our mind that  we  are free from these laws and are honouring God in our mind and heart EVERY  day. It does not matter if we gather together to honour Friday, Saturday or Sunday.  Read  A Certain Myth and you will realise this.

Please set the world free from religious errors of teaching and read online free A Certain Myth or download the PDF free from that site or purchase the book from Amazon.There is a link on this this site for all the above under heading The Certain Series. 

CLICK LINK TO PETITION:Establish The One True Message of God & Abolish Terrorism


For information on others that have experienced the miraculous more than I. Please also see www.smithwigglesworth.com  (1859-1947) and www.burrswood.org.uk/about burrswood/our history please also see the pdf files  at the bottom of that page link and  also obtain if possible, the book from their bookshop link  on that page, “The Living Touch and The Fulfilling” by Dorothy Kerin (1889-1963) it is a remarkable  healing and testimony and was in the newspapers at the time (1912). The book is Currently £7.50.  To place an order for  "The Living Touch and The Fulfilling"  Call 01892.865996 or email bookshop@burrswood.org.uk. Please also read the excerpts of my own book and experience which is on this website under heading A Certain Life with A Certain Message" and go to side page A Certain Life/1988 Prophecy. Please also read a recent book "Do What Jesus Did"  by Robby Dawkins Available on Amazon.


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