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What do I mean by this? First, the current  Human Rights and Asylum Laws are being abused and are unsustainable. We need to help nations improve their own nation. We need, even in Britain, to have the following as the baseline set of principles  for our own, and a One World Culture.

Common Sense and Consideration,  Tolerance & Freedom, Rights with Responsibility.

And that there is no "Race" there is just the "Human Race" that  agree and live by the above 6  principles. 

We  cannot keep people ignorant of  knowledge  and  preserve  “cultures” or “religious” faiths for the
 sake of it.
We can still allow people the freedom to worship and  believe as they wish, but  as a worldwide community we must put in order what we now know is the most likely ONE TRUE MESSAGE OF GOD, and promote/teach it in schools worldwide accordingly. Later, if there is no such God or message, then society  faces that fact, but we cannot let societies/ individuals work it out alone anymore without some official promoted website agreed internationally  of what that message might be, based on what we know historically and scientifically following as discussion as suggested on www.TheOne TrueMessageOfGod.com.   I suggest this,  not just because of the terrorism, but because I spent 58 years of my life trying to work it out, only to find that a few verses or scripture, a little bit of history, both taking a few  hours reading at the most, would have saved me much wasted time, money and heartache in life, only to find at the end of  my life things were  FAR from what my preachers have taught. I may have lived my life very differently had I known. Now I see women and children covered  to the highest degree and men and women killing themselves and others unnecessarily. All because they have not yet found those "few" scriptures, or the relevant  "little piece of history" during their search to find God. 

Some religions believe in reincarnation, some in elephants in some way, although as a  symbolic story, or myth I believe. The Jews used to sacrifice animals.  Ancient societies used to sacrifice animals and humans. This is all foolishness we now realise, now  we have more knowledge. Even believing God had a Son by the "overshadowing" of his power of a woman  may be a foolishness, a “Myth”,  but having experienced that “power”, myself (please see The Certain Series Heading and A Certain Life with A Certain Message excerpts) as have others,  I do not think it is necessarily  a foolishness, but there needs to be a consistency and continuance of this experience of God, and some may have  experienced this also, who are not currently alive.  

Knowledge brings freedom to a person and a  people. It cannot be allowed that women are requested excessively to be  covered up and it be enforced by a law, nor conversly, if a woman chooses such dress it should not be a “right” that she can demand to wear in schools, airports or work, in a society that does not live this way. It is too extreme and not practical and can be abused, nor should any faith demand days of worship off work for worship, if a job has been accepted where 7 day working is required, then the employee refuses the job and gets another, or they go to work anyway. We cannot allow a faith to change the work ethic of a company. There are so many types of faith  now we are multicultural, employers are there to do a job, to give you a job, do you want a job and food in your mouth and shelter, or do you want to starve all week without work so you can go to Church or Synagogue or Mosque?  If there is a God, then let him lead you to a job that accomodates your religious needs, but do not insist the British Government and the companies MUST agree to your needs, or that you can claim benefit just because you cannot find that job that allows you time off for worship. This applied to all faiths.  For every person has different needs and this too is unsustainable. The worlds economies are changing, we will not be able to mess about like this any more, we should be grateful we are offered ANY job that will cover our bills. Soon, due to the unsustainable immigration we have had, the benefit system will not be offering the same cover I am sure, even as now only 2 children are allowed for child benefit. 

Women should have equal status in receiving  education. It should not be allowed that they marry at 9 years old, or forced to marry a much older man. Even England 100 years ago had  similar problems (not circumcision, honour killings, or 9 year old marriages) but we have overcome it now, women once could only go out with an escort, or her dress should not be above the ankles, or she was not educated and could not vote.  Most of these “ideas” about women come from the Bible and Qur’an and the “incomplete” message most believers are now following, even Jews and Christians, not just Muslims. 

If we applied the above 6 Principals to all these things, none of the above would pass the test of Common Sense and Consideration, Tolerance and Freedom, Rights with Responsibilty. 

It should be  agreed that  ALL nations have  access to an official ONE TRUE MESSAGE OF GOD website  by EVERY  society  and nation in order that religious terrorism is abolished
. Nations can still maintain their communist, secular, or other religious  status, but allow their peoples internet access to writings of the Bible, the Qur’an and A Certain Myth…oR iS iT tRUE  and
www.acertainbattle.com (or an improved or similar version of the latter 2) and  “The Trench of Words”. The nations of the world have to let  society read and decide what is true so that terrorism is abolished. There is a peaceful way of doing it if everyone has knowledge of the plan of action and are working towards it. A Certain Myth containing the full complete One True Message of God encourages the believers to adhere to a nations laws, not to cause riots, or similar, there is no need to withhold access to it, for the aim is to abolish the religious wars not interfere with their political system.


If an immigrant or otherwise wishes a better life in a country they perceive as being a better option, then they need to sacrifice some of their culture  and faith they have left behind, or that is being promoted back home. NOT to try and change the society where they have now  sought shelter that THEY should change into their ways and laws,  not  when that “culture” and “ways” are currently at war and harsh to its people,  for this is what  “religious terrorism” is leading us to. 

Current Human Rights support a book (the Qur'an) and the believers of that book, that has words in it that breach human rights, it incites to kill and directly discrimates against Jews and Christians.

Many wish to come to the UK because we are at peace and offer financial support when in difficulty, and freedom of expression, as does much of Europe. All this came with a price, WW1 and WW2. My Father and Mother suffered for it in their youth as did all of  that generation of the world. It came at a price, both then and now. We all have to work at it, not demand it (the English also) we all have to sacrifice  our preferences at times and our real feelings and “Live and let live”, obey the laws of the country we are in, great and small laws, and do the best we can to support ourselves.

But then there are the laws in some countries that are not right, women not being allowed to drive and be educated for instance. Needing to wear a particular style dress or men having  a particular beard length. These are religious laws  and some may be  OK if the individuals are making a free  choice, but  not if it is being enforced with severe punishment by the government.  Then we have the very  great freedoms of the West. Where free dress is too revealing as times. Free love and relationships too free. Pornography, gambling, taking drugs and drinking of alcohol  is excessive.  This also is a problem for society. There needs to be balance of the 2 extremes, even for Russia, they have laws too rigid, but we have laws too soft and we are indeed becoming very "decadent", in other words, shameless, unrestrained, immoral, corrupt, and perhaps we should include Russia more in discussion of the future of society. But it needs to come from the people themselves,  perhaps starting  by a better education on "life" generally  for children early on in life, starting at secondary school, and the awareness of the need for self discipine, more responsiblity for ones actions and decisions and talking of what "life" is about and what to expect. 

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