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Northern Ireland in the UK has had many problems with segregated education of Catholics and Protestants and are currently trying to integrate the schools in order that the society doesb become more integrated. It does not make sense that we now have many different “faith” schools allowed throughout the UK. This will lead to further division of the UK society, and on top of this children will have their “faith” taught at home and at school and not have an unbiased input about other “faiths”. They will also be vulnerable to radical teaching of their own “faith” be they Jewish, Christian or Muslim. 

I feel  that schools should be secular and ALL faiths taught in  ALL schools.  Specific teaching on each faith should be done at home, out of school time,  arranged by the parents and their place of worship.   Dress must be as the uniform  set by the school, regardless of religious requirements. If parents want their children to be educated in a religious manner and dress, they do need to reconsider the country they wish to live in.  If they have escaped a country where religious persecution and war has arisen due to their faith, then it is not logical for the UK  to allow schools and that faith to be propagated in the UK to that level and we then radually have the same problems of war here.  We have peace and security in the UK  due to certain freedoms and attitudes and  we have a reputation for “tolerance” but that “tolerance” can be misused. 

We have already had  attempts of extreme Islam being imposed in some schools and attempts of  Sharia law about  dress imposed in places like Brixton I think it was in 2014. All Muslims do also have to speak out about this if they see it happen on the street, as well as other citizens otherwise we think ALL Mulsims  have a hidden agreement and agenda and secretly agree with such actions.

I reiterate, if a person wishes a better life in a country they perceive as being a better option than their own (the UK, Europe Australia etc) then they need to sacrifice some of that culture they have left behind, not try and change the society where  they now seek a home and protection, into their ways.   Particularly if their “culture” and “ways” are currently at war, and failing,  for this is what  “religious terrorism” is leading us to.

It is also not logical for the UK or the "West" to allow it, or the people who come to us, to expect it. I appeal to all immigrants, new or old, to reconsider their position on this matter and help preserve peace  for all in the UK and the world. Instead of insisting that we accommodate your culture and we change ours,  look at the reasons why we have tolerance and peace here and see what can be done to change your own culture and nation so that that nation may flourish as the UK, Europe and the West. Not because we are “better” but because the “West” has gone through 2  horrific world  wars, sacrificed many men,  to preserve this peace and proseperity. It would be a foolishness and disrespectful to those who have sacrficed their lives, even those that survived,  for us allow  Religion  of ANY type and its ancient ways to drag us back to those days.

Read both the Bible and Qur’an and A Certain Myth and all of this website, then decide what you wish to do. Do not rely on “half truths”, do not act on an incomplete message. Read the words of the books you believe in, do not just rely on  what others tell you. There is danger in that. You may  kill yourself and others for no reward. 

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